War against unscrupulous

Unscrupulous people are
In high positions;
Fraudulent people
Win elections;
Mean people fill the seats
Of Parliaments;
Everywhere, hardened criminals;
Embezzlers run budgets;
Crooks are business magnets;
Do you see
What kinds of people
Run the world?
Dishonest people;
Honest people have no voice;
Any doubt then
That the world sags
Under the full weight
Of evil?
Something has to be done;
Someone who has
A heart to kill,
Will lack the heart
To lead.
A war must be waged against
Unscrupulous people
Who want to get
Any kind of power.


Dangerous times

Dangerous times are here;
A real precarious era, indeed;
So much being at stake;
No one sure what comes next;
Security at its lowest ebb;
Anything can happen here;
Risky stepping out at night;
Many bad boys all around,
Posing threats of all kinds.
Lying in wait for victims
To devour;
Hard to know if one will survive;
‘Tis God alone who can read,
What writing is on the wall;
To say what the future hides;
Unscrupulous people around;
Wanting to reap where
They did not sow.
What a shame we have all this,
Happening here in the world!
That some make things for others So hard!
The people of God in stress;
What a sad situation, it is!

What the world needs

As I look critically at society and its people,
On my journey to find how people
Make the most of their lives,
And how people can
Make the most of their lives,
I find many people
Who are unable to get to the top
Quick to think negatively about
Those who are at the top;
Or who are making their way to the top;
It’s not everybody who gets to the top
Through foul means;
It’s a false belief that the good guys
Always end last in the race of life;
One mustn’t be unscrupulous
To get to the top;
One mustn’t dirty one’s hands to make it big;
I have never believed in getting what one wants
Through unscrupulous means;
To enrich oneself through foul means
Or to gain power through unscrupulous means
Is to make oneself an elephant on sandy feet;
It is possible to become rich
Without cheating anyone;
It is possible to rise to power in a clean way;
That is what I want for you;
That is what the world needs;
That people realize their full potential in clean ways;
In ways that are right;
In ways that don’t break any law, human or divine.