Beware of unscrupulous politicians!

Would you allow yourself
To be bought
Like a marketable product
By a politician?
That is dangerous;
If you have integrity,
You cannot allow anyone
Whoever, to buy you;
You have a personality
To defend,
And a conscience;
You must listen to it;
Only cowards,
And the unscrupulous,
Allow themselves
To be sold and bought
Like market tools;
Your vote
Should never be bought;
If you sell it for money,
You enslave yourself;
And shall be treated
As a slave.
Politicians champion
The buying of people,
And will shamelessly
Make offers
To corrupt voters.
Shall you allow yourself
To be corrupted?
If a politician tries
To corrupt you,
That is an insult to you;
Such is not worthy
Of your vote;
Do not vote for such a one.
Beware of such politicians;
They are dangerous.

Don’t sink your boat

If you hear me speaking
The truth,
Don’t be hard on me;
I’m talking from my heart;
Saying what I know
And also what I believe;
I cannot do otherwise;
Know the truth
And say something else
Is a mortal sin;
And to know the truth
And stay quiet;
Would mean
Being an accomplice, of course;
Where then shall be your conscience?
Truth must be told;
However bitter it may be;
And that’s what I am doing;
Exactly what they taught us;
Though now, what they do,
Is the direct opposite of that;
Quite hard to believe,
The same people
Who swore by the truth,
Saying nothing was more
Than the truth;
Now swear by lies;
Lies-telling, is now
Their stock in trade;
That’s hard to enter my skull;
The truth is,
Only the truth
Shall set us free;
Lies will roast us;
Or chain and imprison us;
That is what I know;
Lies will sink us;
Only the truth
Will set us free;
That alone will save us.
Those who tell lies
To amass a fortune
Are not rising but sinking;
Better to be poor
Than rich through
Unscrupulous means.
I know a man with
A very fat head,
Who is fabulously rich;
But do you know
How he got his fortune?
Through foul means;
His is dirty money;
Acquired through unclean means;
Not as you would get
Through the sweat of your brow;
Such is the wealth
That in the end, sinks you.
So when you look at him
And see a highly successful man,
Call it the epitome of success,
What I see is a drowning man;
I like you to know
As it has been said
Over and over,
All that glitters is not gold.
And not all gold glitters.
You sink your own boat
When you go for dirty fortune.

They will pay a heavy price

Make no mistake. People who are doing evil thinking they can go away with it will pay heavily for it.

The rate of evil in the world has become alarming. We find people killing to get power; killing to stay in power. We kill and cheat and exploit to enrich ourselves. Can we do all this and go away with it? We cannot. We cannot kill others, burn down their houses and destroy their property and go scotch free. It doesn’t happen. To think you can commit such atrocities in life and go free is to fail to understand the world in which we live.

No evil in this world goes unpunished. Take me for my word. Either the punishment is immediate or deferred.

Open your eyes and look around, far and near. All the dictators who subjected their people to torture, untold suffering and numerous deaths did not go free. Not even one of them went free.

Either they are punished in ways that are very obvious or in ways that are not.

We live in a world that operates on the principle of balance. When you work hard and do what should be done to succeed, you succeed. When you are lazy, you fail. When you do good you are rewarded. When you do evil, you are punished immediately or with time; directly or indirectly.

Undoubtedly, many will disagree. You will say you have worked hard but have not succeeded or you know people who are working very hard but are not succeeding and many are committing atrocities and going free. To this I say yes, if you go to our prisons, you will find people who should be free but who are languishing there while many criminals who should be gnashing their teeth behind the bars are enjoying full freedom.

But what happens in the long run? Success is a tricky thing. And depends on what we call success. A lot of what looks like failure is actually success in disguise; and a lot of what looks like glittering success is woeful failure in disguise.

Haven’t you seen people who have risen from rags to riches? Or who were sitting on mud and rose to sit on a throne? Have you not seen someone who has risen from a gutter to an ivory tower? Have you not seen someone who has gone from prison to the presidency? Have you not seen unknown quantities who have ended like saints in heaven? ” …there are people who have risen from obscurity to places of honour.” Sir.20:11.

Similarly, some people who are reigning in palaces today will go down to live in huts tomorrow. From shining success to shameful failure. After swimming in an ocean of abundance, they found themselves in a barren land of misery.

The man who goes from the presidency to live in a hut had been working for it all along without being aware. Through unscrupulous methods of behaviour, he was paving the way for his downfall.

The one who rises from mud to an ivory tower was paving the way for that all along.

Our rise or fall is a reward or punishment for seeds sown.

Even if you do evil and go free, know that your children or grandchildren will pay the price. The Lord himself says it, “I will not fail to punish children and grandchildren to the third and fourth generation for the sins if their parents” ex. 34:7-8.

Remember the voice of John the Baptist crying out, “The axe is ready to cut down the trees at the roots; every tree that does not bear good fruit will be cut down and thrown in the fire.” Matt. 3:10;Luke 3:9.

In Sirach, Joshua warns those who “go on committing one sin after another not to be deceived to think that God will forgive your sins no matter how many they are. He does show mercy, but he also shows his furious anger with sinners.” Sirach 5:5-6. “His anger can come upon you suddenly, and you will die under his punishment.” Sir. 5:7.

He even cautions those who go for ill gotten wealth not to “rely on dishonest wealth; it will do you no good on that day of disaster.” Sir. 5:8.

To cut a long story short, those who are committing evil thinking they are doing something, should know. Nobody does evil and goes free. We all get reward or punishment for our deeds. A word to the wise is sufficient.

Wealthy but unsuccessful

Being wealthy does not necessarily make you successful.

There are many wealthy people who are woeful failures.

It is better to be poor but successful than to be rich but unsuccessful.

The best thing, however, is to be both wealthy and successful.

Your dream should be to be rich and successful.

It is tragic to be wealthy but unsuccessful.

That could mean you have worked so hard for nothing.

This may happen when you use dirty methods to acquire your wealth, or when you use honestly acquired wealth for evil instead of for good.

Using unscrupulous methods to acquire riches makes you a woeful failure weather you are exposed or not.

You are merely an elephant standing on sandy feet or a storey building on a mud foundation.

War against unscrupulous

Unscrupulous people are
In high positions;
Fraudulent people
Win elections;
Mean people fill the seats
Of Parliaments;
Everywhere, hardened criminals;
Embezzlers run budgets;
Crooks are business magnets;
Do you see
What kinds of people
Run the world?
Dishonest people;
Honest people have no voice;
Any doubt then
That the world sags
Under the full weight
Of evil?
Something has to be done;
Someone who has
A heart to kill,
Will lack the heart
To lead.
A war must be waged against
Unscrupulous people
Who want to get
Any kind of power.

Dangerous times

Dangerous times are here;
A real precarious era, indeed;
So much being at stake;
No one sure what comes next;
Security at its lowest ebb;
Anything can happen here;
Risky stepping out at night;
Many bad boys all around,
Posing threats of all kinds.
Lying in wait for victims
To devour;
Hard to know if one will survive;
‘Tis God alone who can read,
What writing is on the wall;
To say what the future hides;
Unscrupulous people around;
Wanting to reap where
They did not sow.
What a shame we have all this,
Happening here in the world!
That some make things for others So hard!
The people of God in stress;
What a sad situation, it is!

What the world needs

As I look critically at society and its people,
On my journey to find how people
Make the most of their lives,
And how people can
Make the most of their lives,
I find many people
Who are unable to get to the top
Quick to think negatively about
Those who are at the top;
Or who are making their way to the top;
It’s not everybody who gets to the top
Through foul means;
It’s a false belief that the good guys
Always end last in the race of life;
One mustn’t be unscrupulous
To get to the top;
One mustn’t dirty one’s hands to make it big;
I have never believed in getting what one wants
Through unscrupulous means;
To enrich oneself through foul means
Or to gain power through unscrupulous means
Is to make oneself an elephant on sandy feet;
It is possible to become rich
Without cheating anyone;
It is possible to rise to power in a clean way;
That is what I want for you;
That is what the world needs;
That people realize their full potential in clean ways;
In ways that are right;
In ways that don’t break any law, human or divine.