You become a boulder

If you are energized,
Your problem is half solved;
A human that is energized,
Is simply unstoppable;
Think of a boulder
Rolling down a hill;
You don’t try to stop it;
You step aside
For it to pass;
Lest it crushes you.
If you are energized enough,
You become a boulder;
Full of momentum;
You roll down your hill
Of life,
Until you reach destination.
No one;
And nothing can stop you.


Unstoppable rolling ball

This is me on the move!
Picking up
From where I left;
Determined to move to
A higher gear;
And from there
To the highest gear;
The determination
Which shows on my face:
Tells at once
How hard it is for me
To be stopped;
That, indeed, is true.
I am simply unstoppable.
Just what I like
For you to be.
A rolling ball,
That is unstoppable.

You are unstoppable

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You are unstoppable,
Let no one waste
Their time
To stop you;
Woefully, they will fail.

You are unstoppable.
The one that can stop you
Is not yet born;
And would not be
In your lifetime.

You are unstoppable;
Certain is your destination;
Like a rocket, it is clear;
On target you will land;
You are unstoppable.


“If your journey to success gives you plenty of joy as it is the case with me, if you look forward to every step of it, it means you have the passion that enables people to do marvels. Nothing stops anyone who over flows with passion for a thing. Such a person will always find a way to clear the obstacles on the way to get to the winning point.” (Romilia Quotes)

The unstoppable

Unstoppable again?
I saw this before;
No problem with that any way;
I love the word:
The unstoppable;
Because I am unstoppable;
I know someone who’s unstoppable;
And whose unstoppable train
Is already on the move;
Guess who that is;
An unstoppable individual;
In an unstoppable train;
On an unstoppable journey;
You know who that is?
Tell me!
And do you know?
I want you to be unstoppable;
To be the unstoppable;
I want you to keep going until you land.

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How to become unstoppable.


Do you know that you can become unstoppable? I want you to become unstoppable.

I am unstoppable.

Here are 13 tips that will make you unstoppable.  They will make you excel in life:


  1. Decide what you want to become.
  2. Choose a dream that is realistic or achievable.
  3. Cultivate a burning desire for it.
  4. Be determined to realize it.
  5. Work very hard to achieve it.
  6. Be dedicated to it.
  7. Do not listen to discouraging messages.
  8. Persevere in the face of trials.
  9. Persist until you succeed.
  10. Cultivate a positive attitude.
  11. Be organized and methodical.
  12. Be creative and resourceful.
  13. Make God your senior partner.
  14. Pray without ceasing.


If you do all of these, you will become unstoppable.


Is there any question you would like me to answer? Are there points you think I have left out or you would like me to elaborate?