Get up

Get up and be on your feet;
Get up and get going;
Get up and face this day;
If you keep sleeping
When you should be up,
You will be up
When you should be sleeping;
There is a time to sleep,
And a time to be up;
Don’t be up when you should
Be sleeping;
Don’t stay in bed sleeping,
When you should be up;
Do the right thing
And do it at the right time.
Be moving!


Keep looking up (Be inspired today 336 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

No matter the difficulties
You are passing through
As you find your way
Through this compkex world,
Don’t be tempted to look down;
Look up;
And keep looking up;
You have eyes meant
To look up not down;
What you want to see
Is up;
It is not down;
What you’re searching for
Is up;
It isn’t down;
Be among those who soar
High up in the sky
Not crawling
On the ground;
To be a winner not a loser,
Dont look down;
Look up;
Keep looking up
Where you want to soar.

Dreamland (Be inspired today 99 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Start going up,
Bound for your dreamland;
You have been down,
Or have you been
On the same spot
For a long time?
It can be thrilling,
To start going up,
Can’t it?
It really can;
To start going to
Your dreamland;
And I talk from
It feels so good
To be on your way up;
To enjoy that feeling,
Start to go up;
Success is sweet;
And that is going up
To that wonderland;
It starts
With a decision;
Decide that no more
Going down,
No more dancing
On the spot;
No to backward march;
No to stagnation;
Enjoy the thrill
Of going up.
What a lovely thrill!
Going up;
Up to your dreamland.

Up early with my dream

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Up early;

I am up early;

Consumed by passion for my dream;

There’s no time to waste;

I am giving

Every ounce of my energy

To my dream;

I live for it;

I go to bed with it;

Dream of it;

Get up with it;

And go about my day with it;

Success awaits me;

Big success awaits me

Nothing will stop me;

Only God can stop me;

Happily I know

My dream is his dream

For me;

He will not stop me;

He will grant me what he wants for me:


Don’t you see success awaits me?

Don’t look

Don’t look back;
Look forward;
Don’t look down;
Look up;
Don’t look left;
Look right;
Don’t look negative;
Look positive;
Don’t look shabby;
Look cute;
Don’t look dirty;
Look neat;
Don’t look tense;
Look relaxed.
Don’t look sceptical;
Look convinced;
Don’t look sad;
Look happy;
Don’t look downbeat;
Look upbeat.