The future is bright

Who says it is over
For me?
Who told you so?
Whoever told you is wrong;
Dead wrong;
If you think it is over
For me,
You are mistaken;
It is not over;
I am still on,
And even stronger than ever;
The future is bright;
It has never been more promising;
I am upbeat;
And I have one person
To thank – God;
He is almighty;
He is wonderful;
He is great.
He knows how to take care
Of his people.
To him, I owe everything;
To him, I am most grateful.
And I thank all good people
Through whom God carried out
His wonferful works
In my life.


Upbeat as I am

I start this day
Feeling energized;
Yesterday’s positive balance-sheet
Is the brainchild
Of my smiles;
Also, when I caste a glance
At the horizon,
Rays of sunshine
And not dark clouds
Stare at me;
There can be no gainsaying
The weather will be dancing;
The gates of heaven
Will open this day,
And a downpour of joy
Will be ushered in
By a choir of angels;
Can you now see
Where I am coming from?
It’s not for nothing
I am upbeat as I am.

I am upbeat (Be inspired today 382 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

If you look at my appearance
And conclude that I am finished,
Too bad for you;
It means you can’t decipher
The writing on the wall;
Who tells you
It’s over for me?
Am I not gathering momentum
To commence?
Galvanizing my resources;
You have to learn to read
Between the lines;
I am upbeat;
I am bound for the top.
You don’t say I am finished.
I am far from finished.

In him I trust (Be inspired today 221 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Don’t wait for things to be
Going perfectly
Before you become happy;
When will that be?
I don’t see that coming;
I enjoy every bit
Of my time these days
More than ever before.
When things are going
As I desire them to,
I am very pleased of course;
And many times, surely,
They have moved thus,
In a way that I like;
But never
Have they been perfect,
Good to some extent,
But not perfect;
And even
When I need more,
I am still very happy
With what I have in hand;
Actually, a lot of times,
Things are far from
What I want;
More on the negative,
Than the positive,
That’s reality, but still
My spirits are good;
I am upbeat;
Hoping for the best;
And thanking God mightily;
I am sure the best
Will soon be here;
We cannot do it on our own;
It can’t be by our power.
We only play our part;
And then the Almighty alone
Causes the breakthrough.
In him, I trust.
On him I count.
And life can really be sweet.

Who’s upbeat?

I am upbeat and you?;
Who’s upbeat like me?
Show up your finger;
As we did in school;
It’s a blessing, isn’t it?
It’s not given to all
To be upbeat, trust me;
And if you aren’t,
Motivate yourself;
Wait for no one;
Decide now to be happy;
Feel happy;
Say now you are happy;
And act happy now;
That’s the way;
Short and simple;
Do not wait for anyone;
You are enough.
Like me, you be upbeat.