Archaic methods

“If you stick to archaic methods of communication and hope to obtain excellent results in present times, you waste your time. To be competitive, you have to be abreast with modern communication technology and permanently be updating your communication skills.” Romilia Quotes


About page updated

Hello sweet friend! I just updated my ‘about page’. Taking a look at it may be worthwhile. Also, if you have never read it, I recommend that you do. The ‘about page’ is the frontage of the house. You may never fully appraise the beauty of a house if you come and leave only through the backdoor with no idea what the front part looks like.

Reading the ‘About page’ will help you get the most out of this site.
Great day to you!

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About page updated

Many readers get into a blog for the first time through the “About” page. This is to enable them know about the blog, the blogger and whether it is the right blog for you. This is important. Yet, there are many others who get into blogs through other doors and never really know who the blogger is and what the blog is all about.

If you have been visiting this site without having visited the “About” page, I am giving you a very special invitation to visit it and kindly tell me what you think about it.

When you know someone and what they are out for, you will better understand what they do and why they do it. True or false?

If it is advisable to take time and write a good about page, it is because of its importance. It can send away readers as it can hold readers to your site. From time to time, I update my about page. That is what I have just done. Now, it is in two parts. The first part is short; a poem. If you like to get more that is when you can read on. I would like you to take a look at it and tell me what you think. If you have never visited this page, I invite you very strongly to do so. Thanks!

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Read  about me.