Top of the Elevenses/Brunch #69

Long awaited and the eve of the decider is here, the US elections has everyone at the edge of their seat.  Only the voters know where they are going to put the ballot papers.  Clear thinking for the good of the country,  for peace among people, for working together to build a better nation united, for what they can do for their country and for respecting each other.  No one candidate is perfect, no one human is perfect. However anyone shouting divisiveness and pushing the blame game on a section of the population is not the leadership quality needed.

Happy citizens make for a better nations.


Every thing America is or is not?

1. Is Mr. Trump everything America is
Or everything America is not?
Or none of the two?

2. choose the one that goes with you:
Mr. Trump make Americans:
. Proud
. Ashamed
. Embarrassed,
. Confused
. None of these.

3. Mr. Trump will make:
>A great president;
>A mediocre president;
>A mediocre president;
>A loving president;
>None of these;

What have you learned? (Add a line or more No 56)

I saw a serious competition;
A stiff competition for that matter;
The Olympic games;
A saw another serious competition;
It was a stiff competition also;
The race for the White House;
I recalled the World Cup competition;
And drew my lessons;
I have drawn lessons from the Olympic Games,
The World Football Competition;
And the battle to occupy the White House;
That hard battles can be won;
I have learned from the Olympic Games
That one can come from behind and win;
I have learned from the White House battle
That what you do today may lift you
Or haunt you tomorrow;
I have learned from the World Cup competition,
That skill and stamina can do wonders.

What have you learned from the world cup? The Olympic Games? The race for the White House or anywhere else? Add a line or more.

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2013 prediction about Hillary Clinton

Will what I predicted about Hillary Clinton on 29 January 2013 come true or not? See what I said:will Hillary Clinton run in 2016? Did I see it on January 30, 2013? See for yourself in U.S.2016:the secret Agenda. In 2015, I had a dream for Hillary Clinton in a post titled My dream for Clinton.Presentation1
In April 2016, in anticipation of the historical happening in the United States, I warmly congratulated the American people in Bravo America. I dared to launch a two millions likes support for Hillary Clinton.
At one point I made it clear Trump must be stopped. When Trump started going up on the Republican side, some people were excited. Others were worried. I joined the worried. I did not understand America anymore: I saw a Mr. Trump raised so high just to be dumped so low.The way forward for America is very clear. Mr. Trump will definitely not embarrass the American people with a Trump presidency. This will prove to the world that irresponsible people in America are a minority.