America out of their daze

America is already out of their daze;
The daze into which they were thrown
By the 2016 presidential election;
When lots and lots of people outside the U.S
Never recognized those great people again;
The values on which their nation was founded
Were all dashed to the rocks;
Someone with a dubious character was lifted
To the summit to run for president;
The world was shocked and silently grumbled;
Today, things are different;
A lot has changed;
If you listen to what people say
And read what people write,
You say sanity has finally come into the house;
And you can take a deep breathe of relief;
If like me you had felt devastated, have hope;
The slumber is over;
The greatest democracy in the world
America will not let us down;
They are already out of their daze.

One month to go

In one month, we’ll know
Who of the two:
Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump
Will be the next president of
The United States of America;
Whoever is,
History shall be made.
Already, however, God knows
Who that shall be;
No matter what we say,
And no matter what we do,
The choice shall be determined
By Him.
He passes through us humans
To carry out His plan for the world;
And then we think we are the ones
Who have done it.

Presidential debates tonight….

This is the first election year since I was 18 that I have no idea who to vote for. I am also very concerned about my country, The United States.

I am generally more conservatives in my views, but have not joined any major political party. Years ago I joined the Patriot Party, intent on voting for Ross Perot. Other than that, I have no party allegiance. I am a child of the Reagan Era, but still look carefully at all the candidates each year when voting time rolls around.

I love some of the things the Democrats have put into place, such as Obamacare. I know many don’t like it, and it is certainly a job killer….many places only hire part time so they don’t have to pay health insurance.However, if you are on the fringes of the poverty line, which we are since 2008, we could not afford healthcare without it…my son has heart disease and we Need It….so I am definitely worried about it being repealed should a Republican be voted in.

For several years, I read and studied everything I could about Hillary. I was a Huge Fan. Until Benghazi, and the email scandals, and her Family Foundation and the donors….then I thought back to the Savings and Loan disaster in earlier times and her friend killing himself, and so many scandals….I began to second guess myself.

I am a student of history and know that our government is corrupt. It was meant to “move slow” and Not Get Things Done…..

There are so many areas that need overhauling…..Education, tax reforms, immigration policies, the way our veterans are treated….the list is endless. I hate to see the Military diminished and not have the equipment they need…(I am for a strong military, coming from a military family)…..

Then I look at the Republican nominee and I wonder how in the world was he nominated? Can he really do what he says? Is he good for America or an impostor?

Then I begin to think, “Can’t they come up with Anyone else to vote for?”…..

I will watch the debates tonight but I am not really doing it for any other reason than entertainment…..Isn’t that sad?

So confused….


What an American!

What an American you are you, Mr. Trump!
Are you a true American or a fake American?
What an American you are Mr. Trump!
Are you a bridge builder or a wall builder?
I know Americans to be
Bridge builders not wall builders;
Americans build bridges between people;
Nations; cultures; races, languages; and colors;
What an American you are, then, Mr. Trump!
I know Americans to be
Lovers of others not haters of others;
I know Americans to be people of good language
Not people of bad language;
What type of America are you Mr. Trump?
I know Americans to be people
Who are fighting for peace in the world
Not people who are fighting for war in the world;
What type of American are you, Mr. Trump?
An American who doesn’t value American values?
An American who wants to turn Americans
Into everyone’s enemy?
Americans are the world’s number one
Promoters of freedom, Mr. Trump;
Freedom of religion, and other freedoms;
To real Americans, skin color does not matter any more;
You have thrown these values to the dogs;
What type of American are you, then, Mr. Trump?
Be an American, Mr. Trump!
Be a true American not a fake American!
Though it’s too late for anyone to trust you;
Try to make yourself trusted;
Most of the world loves America;
Most of the world should not be pushed to hate America!
Yet, that is what you are working for;
Whether you know it or not;
So what type of American are you, Mr. Trump?

Hillary and Trump

Can you compare and contrast the front runners in the US presidential election? Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump differ enormously.

During elections, voters compare and contrast the candidates. This helps them to decide who to cast their vote for.

The American election is very interesting because the candidates contrast enormously on the issues.

When the two parties shall get their nominees for the November duel, the campaign shall become even more thrilling. The voters will be sure of the two candidates that they must compare and contrast.

It is not clear who the nominee is likely to be for the Republican Party with so many people casting doubts on Donald Trump’s competence to represent the party; but for the Democratic Party, it looks like Hillary Clinton will be the nominee except there is a dramatic off-set along the line.

Whoever finally is nominated, the media will play a decisive role to x-ray the candidates to help the voters compare and contrast them; and make a well informed choice.

Bravo America!

Bravo America!
You have not failed the world;
The handwriting is clear on the wall;
Her name is Hillary Clinton;
The only woman in the race for the White House in 2016;
She’s broken new ground in American politics;
Think of it;
The first woman to be president of the United States;
The handwriting is very clear, isn’t it?
What great honor this brings to The United States!
This makes the country not only preachers,
But preachers and doers.
The United States champions the struggle
For gender equality doesn’t she?
What can show the people’s authenticity
Than sweeping Hillary Clinton to the White House?
What a great challenge to a people!
America, the role model for many in the world,
Hardly do you fail your admirers;
Bravo America!
You have not failed them now.

This post is written in anticipation of what the writer expects to happen. The American people will give Hillary Clinton a landslide victory in November to make her the first female president of that country. Many around the world had predicted this some 20 years ago when she was the First Lady of the United States. The handwriting was clear on the wall then as it is today.

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Donald Trump apologizes

I was delighted to learn from CNN that the vibrant GOP front runner for the party’s nomination for the November White House bid, Donald Trump had apologized for the wayward pronouncements he has made since the campaign began.

Trump has done well to apologize. I congratulate him. This is a noble act which may save him from much of the embarrassment which was heading towards him. Not only America but the world was already fully engaged on throwing Trump off the cliff.

His apologies will soften many hearts. Yet, no one can say yet that he can already be trusted. We may forgive; and we should forgive him; but it will be naive to rush to trust him. Wisdom demands that we take Mr. Trumps words with caution. Prudence is called for. All he may want is the White House.

Change does not come overnight. We cannot let go thoughts, ideas and especially convictions which we have held for years and articulated so vehemently just because we say we have. We have to take a good while to watch Mr. Trump, listen to future pronouncements, watch his moves and positions on key issues before we decide if he can be trusted.

What does this mean?

That Republicans may forgive Mr. Trump, but should not trust him right away with the nomination; and if they should make the mistake of letting him have it, Americans should not make the mistake of trusting him with the highest office of their land. Mr. Trump needs to be observed for the next four years. He will not be too old to run again. If you put him side by side with Sanders, in four years he will be 73, and one year younger than Sanders is now (74).

I honestly believe that for 2016, the Trump chapter should best be considered closed with the possibility of reopening it in 2020.

Can Trump make America great again?

Can Donald Trump make America great again? This is a question on many lips.
Donald Trump is the front runner in the bid for the GOP nomination to run for President in November in The United States where he is likely to lurk horns with Hillary Clinton; unless Sanders, Clinton’s rival, removes a series of jokers in the weeks ahead.
A good question is if Trump wins his party’s nomination and wins in November, will he make America great again? His supporters definitely will say he will; but others think he will not; and in fact, believe that instead he is likely not only to drag America to destruction but the entire world.

Why do they think so; and how right or wrong are they? Watch out for our post on Donald Trump, US Presidential aspirant in the hours ahead.

American reporting: gender bias?

This question of whether the US media are gender bias has been ruminating in my mind. It’s a serious one.

I have been following the US Presidential election primaries from campaigns, debates, voting and results; and this is the impression I get away with.

I am tempted to conclude that there are some key persons in the the US Press who do not want Hillary to win even though she seems unstoppable; and they have succeeded very subtly to spread their way of seeing things to the rest of the media.

Why do I say this?

Most of the reporting on Hillary is negative. See how long it took to hammer on Benghazi and Emails. This thing was exaggerated.

The front-runner on the Republican side seems to be given more coverage and exposure than Hillary who is also the forerunner on her side. Trump seems to enjoy twice as much publicity as Hillary Clinton. Watch the news or read the papers just for a day.

Look at the way their pictures are presented. Trump and Sanders are presented to look presidential; not Hillary.
See the way Clinton’s victories are announced. Compare to the way those of Sanders and Trump are announced – with pomp; but she only “Ekes out A Win’ in Ohio.” The Sander Michigan victory has been spoken of for more than a week; and read the way it is presented.

A lot of times when Clinton and Trump are reported on at the same time, as in “Big night for Trump and Clinton”, it is usually Trump who is mentioned first. This is a subtle advantage given to Trump.

All that I have seen leaves me with no doubt that there is a subtle desire and attempt by the media to break Hillary. But why? Is it because she is a woman in favor of Trump and Sanders because they are men? Is there gender bias in American reporting?

I wish this issue would be taken up for debate. One of the founding ideals of the American nation is equal opportunity for success for everybody without discrimination. It is true that America has never really succeeded to treat its women equally but if this country wants to continue to be the leader of the world, the lofty ideals on which she was founded must be translated into action.

Everyone ought to be treated equally and fairly even when it comes to reporting on elections.

Any attempt to discriminate or favor some candidates is sickening even when it is subtly done.