Let it come and go!

Let November 8 come and go!
Let the US election come and go!
I bet the world is tired;
A US election campaign,
Too long;
Too bitter;
Too aggressive;
Too divisive;
Too indecent;
Let November 8 come and go!
Let it come and go!
Pray God this election
Does not tear the country to pieces;
And the world with it.
Let November 8 come and go!
Let it come and go!

America’s Golden opportunity

2016 US presidential election;
America’s golden opportunity
To prove to the world
That America still believes in the values
On which she was founded;
That the world can still believe in America;
That the world can still count on America;
That the world can still trust America.

2016 US presidential election,
A golden opportunity for America
To tell the world America remains
The moral leader of the world;
That America champions the cause of women
Not in words alone but also in action;
That America is a strong, unshakable nation.

2016 US presidential election
America’s golden opportunity;
America;s God-given opportunity.

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This is her moment

This is her moment;
This is her time;
No one can take it from her;
The bell is gone;
The die is caste;
This is her moment;
This is her time;
No one can take it from her.

The wind may blow
From East to West;
The wind may blow,
From North to South;
This is her moment;
This is her day;
No one can take it from her.

Do you know who I am talking about?
The 2016 heroine;
The American heroine;
The world heroine;
Hillary Clinton;
This is her moment;
This is her time;
No one; and I mean, no one
Can take it from her;
No one will take it from her.

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Daily Chat Forum No 35 politics

British politics and US politics;
Compare and contrast;
British elections and US elections;
One is noisy and one is quiet;
One is ever long and one can be shorter
Than you can imagine;
One finds no difficulty electing a woman;
One proclaims women’s rights but
For a woman to be elected
Is an uphill task.
Can you say anything?

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The trump mind

Stop disgracing your country, Mr. Trump!
Stop disgracing the lovely people of your country!
Your nice country is admired the world over;
Because she stands for the most lofty ideals;
She promotes love,
Not hate;
She promotes peace,
Not violence,
She promotes unity,
Not disunity;
Where are you from Mr. Trump?
Your country is full of people with loving hearts;
Who like to see everyone happy;
Who work to bring people together;
Who stand by those weaker than them;
Where are you from?
You want to set fire on the world;
Why should we not call on your sweet people
To say no to Mr. Trump?
You do not reflect what your country stands for;
Yours is a great country with a great people who love;
Who unite; and who fight for peace;
Who reject anything that destroys the peace
Love and unity of the world.
Who reject the fruits of the trump mind.

Can Trump make America great again?

Can Donald Trump make America great again? This is a question on many lips.
Donald Trump is the front runner in the bid for the GOP nomination to run for President in November in The United States where he is likely to lurk horns with Hillary Clinton; unless Sanders, Clinton’s rival, removes a series of jokers in the weeks ahead.
A good question is if Trump wins his party’s nomination and wins in November, will he make America great again? His supporters definitely will say he will; but others think he will not; and in fact, believe that instead he is likely not only to drag America to destruction but the entire world.

Why do they think so; and how right or wrong are they? Watch out for our post on Donald Trump, US Presidential aspirant in the hours ahead.

What Hillary Clinton must do?

Do you know what Hillary Clinton must do to become President. Her win cannot be taken for granted. Anyone who thinks that victory for her or any other candidate will be easy is making a mistake.

It will be a formidable fight. Some people call it a bullfight. We saw it with Obama and Romney. We see it with many others; even in other countries.This means that the candidates must work very hard; and work smart.

What exactly does this mean? What must Hillary do? I like us to share on this?

What ideas do you have?