SIWO’s Daily Online Directory Referrals 4

Welcome to day 4 of this most interesting page. Here, after spending our day on the web, we give you some of the most useful posts which can change your life. If you are too busy, and don’t have time to go browsing, find time to read these:

  1. You probably have heard it said that your words shape your destiny. Have you ever taken time to think about it or listened to someone explain to you what that means? This is very important. Stephen Ogoe of Salvation Realities  has taken time and done a good job to explain this in a post titled Your Words Shape Your Destiny. I enjoyed reading this post which I find to be very edifying. I hope you find time to read it.
  2. We are not very far from the end of the year. When a new year comes, it is fashionable to take resolutions; but how many people keep the resolutions they take? If we keep the resolutions we take, the fruits we reap can be very abundant. But it is so hard for many of us to keep our resolutions. Dana Buchanan of Success Encourager has done an excellent job to help us in this difficult task through a beautiful post Turning Resolutions into lifestyle.  I encourage you to read this post. You will find much more on this site.
  3. In today’s world one of the greatest difficulties countries are facing is unemployment. Many people are not getting the jobs they want. Job-hunting is common and often ends in frustration for many people. Yet, some people move from one lucrative job to another. I have always wondered what is their secret.  I  got attracted by The Secret of Getting Any Job You Want published on It’s A New Age. This post is worth reading especially if you are in job hunting.
  4. You may not be a Lawyer, but you will find this article Building a Legacy interesting and useful. You will not only be thrilled but also inspired by the closing words  of Buck Lewis to the 2018 Leading As LAWYERS CLASS. Building a legacy will not be a bad thing for you, will it?
  5. As a blogger you want to succeed. But Amitav Chowdhury says 54% of blogs fail? In Why Blogs Fail, this brilliant blogger gives 12 solid reasons why blogs fail.  As he rightly says, to start a blog is easy but to keep momentum and passion for it alive is the hard part. Read Why Blogs Fail and let it fire you up vis-a-vis your blogging aspirations.

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