Crazy search for money

This search for money
That is so crazy;
Craziest search I know;
All go for it,
As they were all mad;
And why is it so?
Everyone’s crazy?
In search of money?
What is this money?
With so much power!
Everybody wants it;
And can kill for it;
Money, money, money!
Money, riches, wealth.
Can make somebody mad;
One has to be careful,
Lest one becomes crazy,
Just because of money;
Which ends in vanity;
Watch out!
Be careful!
Don’t become crazy,
Because of money.
Money is not life;
Money is not final;
It is love that is final.
No crazy search for money.


Don’t kill yourself.

Don’t kill yourself;
Fighting to be the best.
When you are the best,
What next?
When you win,
What next?
When you become rich,
What next?
When you become the president,
What next?
When you date all the women you know,
What next?
When you take yourself so high,
What next?
When you pass and everybody bows,
What next?
When you talk and everybody applauds,
What next;
When others sing your praises,
What next?
When you talk and everybody trembles,
What next?
All is vanity;
That is the truth;
You need to take it easy;
You mustn’t be the first;
And of course,
You shouldn’t be the last either.
What you should strive to do
Is your best;
That is lofty;
That is enough;
Don’t kill yourself
Fighting to be the best
Because it is all vanity.

So rich so what?

If you are so rich, so what?
You’ve accumulated so much money;
You have swollen bank accounts here and there;
You have investments, houses, and what have you?
You have a string of cars;
Some for your spouse,
And some for your children;
You spend your leisure flying around the world:
So what?
You are so rich, so what?
What use when millions are perishing from misery?
Don’t you know that many are dying of poverty?
Don’t you know that many don’t have even one meal to eat?
Don’t you know that many cannot afford a roof over their heads?
And don’t you know that to have so much money alone,
When millions wallow in poverty is injustice?
And evil and a shame?
Don’t you know?
Why so much money alone?
How much will you take along when you die?
Let’s stop this money exaggeration!
Let’s stop being greedy;
And let the world’s wealth go round.
Why should you want to be happy alone?
To enjoy alone?
If the world knows you as the richest man in the world,
So what?
If you don’t know,
Let me tell you;
It’s all vanity; greed, wickedness;
Let’s stop being greedy and wicked!
If you like, continue and be the richest person in the world;
If you are,
So what?

This poem was inspired by a response given by Helen Meikle to a comment I made on her site. Thank you Helen for inspiring me to write this poem. You originated the post that led to this. I wish to invite fellow bloggers to visit Helen’s blog to read this post
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