Quote (evil)

“There are some people among us who are so consumed by ambition to get their names in the history books as great figures of the world that they have no limit to what extent they can go to realize their dream. Their blinding ambition will immerse them, without remorse, in an ocean of evil. Who wouldn’t call this the epitome of evil and a dangerous threat to the survival of humanity?” (Romilia quotes)


A strongly worded letter to vaulting ambition

Dear Vaulting ambition,
You wield tremendous power
But devilish power;
You command power to break bounds
In human mind and heart;
Your desire to win at all cost,
Does push you to extremes;
Everything you are poised to sacrifice;
And that makes you a danger
To humanity and society;
You have been the cause
Of untold destruction both life
And property;
Look at the chaos everywhere;
Lies that spread like wild fire;
We deny you taking captive
Of human hearts;
Because you turn them into devils;
If any heart you do occupy,
Take your leave at once
And never show your ugly face again.
Yours sincerely,
We, the people.


Vaulting ambition (Quote)

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“I will not stop expressing a cautioning note about vaulting ambition. I say ambition is good and necessary, but needs to be watched and controlled. Don’t let your ambition overflow its banks. For then, it becomes vaulting ambition which is very dangerous. Vaulting ambition has caused so much destruction in the world. Adolf Hitler towers above the world’s leaders as someone who got to the apex of vaulting ambition. The sad result was he caused untold destruction of humanity. And in fact, he did not only destroy others, he destroyed himself as well. That is what happens with vaulting ambition. You destroy not only others in the course of pursuing your goal but also yourself.” Romilia Quotes