Be inspired today 34 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus

Let God fight on your side

My victory is sure;
Not because
I am more brilliant
Than anyone,
Not because
I am more capable
Than anyone,
But because
God is fighting
On my side;
I have allowed God
To fight
On my side.
When you give God
A chance to fight
On your side,
You emerge victorious;
They always win
For whom God fights.
Give God a chance
To fight
On your side;
And your victory will
Be guaranteed.


Born for trophies

Special message
For you;
You are a winner;
I know very well;
You were born
For victories;
To win;
You were born for
Your victory will
Always come;
I have no doubt
Whatsoever about it;
All the qualities
Of a winner, you have;
No impediment
Will stop you;
People will try
To halt you,
But they will fail;
You are a rocket;
Those who attempt
The impossible
Of blocking you,
Will always end up doing
The opposite – propelling you
To the limelight;
From where you will be
Better seen,
And better heard;
And that is
How your victory will come.
How it has always come;
How it is coming right away;
How it will come in the future.
How marvelous!
How sweet!
Never forget this;
Put up this message,
Where you will see it
You are meant to be
A superstar;
A legend.
Carry this in your mind;
In your heart;
Wherever you go.
To God be all the glory.

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It is really true

It is really true
That the first can be
The last;
And the last
Can be the first.
I have seen it happen;
And it will happen again.
If you are the first,
Be careful, you could
Become the last
If you don’t take time.

It is really true
That you can come
From behind and win
The race;
I have seen it happen,
People have come from behind
And won the race.
And it will happen again.
If you are right behind,
Know that you can still
Win the race.

It is really true,
That to lose a battle
Is not losing the war;
I have seen it happen;
People have lost a battle
But won the war;
And it will happen again.
If you have lost a battle,
Do not think
You have lost the war.

Last minute fight for victory

The last minute fight for victory,
Before the close of the day
Is an important fight,
Which I highly recommend,
To enable you meet your target,
If you haven't done so;
Never end the day without this fight
If you find yourself not meeting your target.
If you fight this last minute fight,
And succeed to meet your target,
You will experience the joy of victory;
If you fight and don't meet it,
You cannot regret;
Or say your effort is wasted;
You will have the joy
Of having done your best.
Do not deprive yourself of this joy;
Always do your best;
And be satisfied that you have.

Do you know what awaits you?

Do you know
What awaits you
At the end
Of your journey?
Do you know
What awaits you
At the end
Of your day?
Do you know
What awaits you
At the end
Of your life?
Your golden crown;
That is
If you do
Your best;
That is
If you persevere;
That is
If you persist;
That is
If you are courageous enough
To keep on going
Even when the going
Is tough;
And others give up.
Your golden crown
Awaits you.

Thoughts from wisdom bag

If you start to fight,
And you are not ready
To fight till you win;
It means
You will either surrender,
Or you will be defeated.
Never start a fight
Which you know
You have no chance to win;
You will incur losses
For nothing;
And it will be suicide;
Also, not all victory
Is worth it:
Pyrrhic victory is not
Much better than defeat.
The cost of victory
Should not be too high,
Otherwise it becomes
A senseless endeavor.
That explains why
You must draw your chair,
Sit down,
Take your calculator
And work out your maths.
These are random thoughts
From my wisdom bag.
Waiting for
Your wise response if any.

Your golden crown

If you want to win
A golden crown,
The rules of the game
You must learn;
And once you have them
In your palms,
To obey them
In the best way that you can;
The main rule always
To be on top,
Is never to turn back
Without the crown;
To persist until you win;
No matter how weary
Your legs may be,
Perseverance is the word;
Crawl like a baby
To the finishing line;
This encouragement
I give to you,
That you may claim
Your golden crown.
If not for the victory,
That you will win,
For the courage
You have displayed.
Now, you go and bring
Your golden crown.