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Learning to Walk

All our life we live like we’re playing in a scrimmage game – time is on our side to make things right. But, along the way we suffer multiple hurts and wounds. We stumble and fall because we never really learned to walk in forgiveness. ____________________________________ Please join us on Blogging 2 Believers! We are…

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SoLIDariITY BloGGerS’ FoRum 21

Pride can hinder your success. This is the message I get from a post by Elle Clarke tilted is pride hindering your success? Elle Clarke of Elle Clarke Media Group has produced a motivational video titled Pride is hindering you. This writer and motivational speaker gives the various ways Pride may be hindering your success…

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“Unity in Diversity”

“Unity in diversity” is an old, prominent principle of many religions around the world. __________________________________________ How about joining in on our conversation about Unity in Diversity? Click the link below to go to our new YouTube Channel, Blogging 2 Believers: _________________________________________ “‘A oneness of being’, namely reality is one, and God is the only…

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