The success of people

“Successful people are the ones who are contributing to make the world an excellent place. On their part, those who fail, or are finding it hard to realize their dreams, are at the forefront of the destruction of the world. This implies that inspiring, motivating, encouraging and helping people succeed is a way of indirectly building an excellent world.” (Romilia Quotes)

“Our dream, to help people know true success is a way to empower them to be an asset to themselves and the world.” (Romilia Quotes)

“Our vision is a world where everybody succeeds and is happy and enjoys the world. This is  our fairytale.” (Romilia Quotes)

If everybody truly succeeds,

There will be no reason for conflicts in the world.

If everybody truly succeeds,

There will be no reason for wars;

If everybody truly succeeds,

The world will be an excellent place.

Therefore, we who dream of an excellent world

Must spare no effort to help people succeed.

Do not be frightened by the immensity of the challenge;

All you need do is your best.

The next generation is waiting

To continue where you and  end;

And the next generation is waiting,

Continue where they end;

And on it will go,

Until the dream comes true.

Know my fairytale. 


Video: ‘The Love & Freedom New-Topical-Song Concert’ by Michel Montecrossa & Mirakali

Watch here the Preview of ‘The Love & Freedom New-Topical-Song Concert’ by Michel Montecrossa & Mirakali

Songs from the video: ‘Talking Love & Freedom For All – Über Liebe & Freiheit Für Alle Singen‘, ‘Lovesong‘, ‘Talking Lines Of Fire‘, ‘Wahre Liebe‘, ‘Looking Forward‘, ‘All On Fire‘, ‘Unforeseen You‘, ‘With Love And Freedom Into The Future‘, ‘Hope‘, ‘I Have A Vision‘, ‘Die Schönen Bilder, Die Im Herzen Wohnen – The Beautiful Visions Living In The Heart‘ and ‘The Place Of The Free‘

Listen to 3 songs from the Concert:
Looking Forward

Unforeseen You

Hope (by Mirakali)

More songs and movies:

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Photo: Michel Montecrossa on stage, taken at ‘The Love & Freedom New-Topical-Song Concert’ by Michel Montecrossa & Mirakali

Deep-Brain Song & Movie ‘I Have A Vision’ apropos Trump Inauguration and Trump Presidency



The New-Topical-Song ‘I Have A Vision’, released by Mira Sound Germany on Audio Single, DVD and as Download, is Michel Montecrossa’s Song apropos the Trump Inauguration and Presidency.

About the New-Topical-Song ‘I HAVE A VISION’:

‘I Have A Vision‘ is the ultra-cool no-pretension Reality Rocker New-Topical-Song and Movie of 68 Deep-Brain-Words by Michel Montecrossa apropos Trump inauguration and Trump presidency.

With ‘I Have A Vision‘ Michel Montecrossa says to Donald Trump:
“Proud of what? Show what you can!”

Michel Montecrossa’s ‘I Have A Vision‘ continues
where Martin Luther King’s ‘I Have A Dream’ began.

It is pure vista.

Song Lyrics

I Have A Vision

I have a vision
of the United States of Planet Earth.

I have a vision
of the U.S.A. taking the lead on this way.

I have a vision
of the U.N. changing into the world government.

I have a vision
of the United Humanity moving into space age.

I have a vision
of the living celebration of Humanity
in a World of Peace and Love
and Joy unending.

Music & lyrics: Michel Montecrossa,
© Mira Sound Germany

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I Have A Vision

Dance-Electronica Song ‘Dream Space’ (audio & Lyrics)

Dance-Electronica Song ‘Dream Space’ by Michel Montecrossa

Dream Space

Want to dive off the roof?
Want to be a high diver?
Want to know how many levels
your Dream Space has?

I’m in touch with your heart,
in touch with all you got.
Mine is the vision of your soul.
My Dream Space, baby, is the all.

Check out the wonder that’s you.
Check out what’s a-touchin’ you.
Nothin’ is fixed if you’re true.
The Dream Space, baby, is you.

Want to dive deep into my heart?
Want to be where the world won’t fall apart?
Want to know how many sides
your vision has within my eyes?

Want to be a good lovin’ baby?
Want to be a good lookin’ dream?
I want to kiss the wide moment
of your Dream Space free.

Want to try what never has been tried?
Want to see with me the light?
Want to know what it is
that’s within my Dream Space kiss?

What are you doing, honey,
in the sunlit bed of you?
When I walk in I kiss and love you,
I’m your Dream Space man for sure.

Want to dive off the roof?
Want to be a high diver?
Want to know how many levels
your Dream Space has?


Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany


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Relaxing Climate Girls, vorne.indd

Dream land ideas

My belief is if the world has about 7 billion inhabitants,
It cannot lack 4 billion who are peace-loving;
And who want to live happily and in peace with others;
My belief is there are more good people in the world
Than evil people;
My belief is although evil seems to prevail in the world;
Actually there is more good than evil in the world;
My belief is the world is a good world not an evil world.
My belief is if the good people of the world band together,
To fight for good, they will overcome evil in the world.
My belief is if we start to bring the good people of the world
Together, one by one, in the next one hundred years, or so,
The world will have an ocean of good people who share
A common vision, working together for an excellent world;
Our dream thus is to bring as many good people as we can
Together to combine their efforts in view of making
The world an excellent place for everybody to enjoy;
By excellent world I mean a world void of wars, terrorism,
Shootings, hunger, poverty, suffering, and what have you?
Just as little drops of water make a mighty ocean,
Little drops of good daily will make a mighty ocean of good;
Do you share or buy our vision of an excellent world?
Are you ready to join our daily crusade for an excellent world?
Our doors are open to welcome you.

The World Of Love And Friendship Action

Presenting the New-Topical-Song and lyrics of ‘The World Of Love And Friendship Action’ by Michel Montecrossa

Song Lyrics

The World Of Love And Friendship Action

The world of Love and Friendship Action
is the world of you and me.
The world it is to feel
love and oneness and to live

with all the veils dissolved
and the light shining
fully in the hearts of all
as the world of Love and Friendship Action.

What cannot be done today
will surely be done later on.
No effort for oneness
has ever been made in vain.

The world of Love and Friendship Action
is the world of you and me.
The world it is to feel
love and oneness and to live

satisfied with what the true gives to us
and with doing what it wants us to do,
without weakness and free
from useless ambition.

There is nothing to be suppressed,
but all is to be organized,
for the true order is far
superior to suppression.

The world of Love and Friendship Action
is the world of you and me.
The world it is to feel
love and oneness and to live

with our mind
silent and quiet,
with our heart
full of vision and love.

Competition and strife
must be replaced
by true cooperation and the
living celebration of humanity.

The world of Love and Friendship Action
is the world of you and me.
The world it is to feel
love and oneness and to live.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany

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Let’s create a positive world

I have a lofty vision for the world;
A new vision of an excellent world
In which every one lives in peace;
And which every human being enjoys;
I believe in the possibility
Of a world of love and peace;
Where understanding, tolerance
And solidarity reign supreme.
A world in which we are
Each other’s keeper.
Let’s create this world;
A lovely, positive world;
This is my vision for the world.

Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.

From the comment column

    The road is clear

The road is clear

What is going on in the comment columns on the web? A lot of heart-touching things are being said. Do you take time to read and ponder on the things that are said on your site? There is so much expressed. Take a look at a few comments made on my site and to my comment on other sites:

Shiva Malekopmat
When I first met you just the other day in this virtual world, as I came to know that you are from Cameroon, I started exploring about your country.
The first time and also the last time I heard of Cameroon was during the World Foot Ball Cup, thirty years back and continuously till the last world cup. They are really tough guys, and to play the game of football one has to be so.
I came to know of your country – its history, politics, corruption and of course Football.
Your admiration for me is like a Star on my shoulder flap.
As you have said, it has today come to you in response to my comment and poem, which you had done to so many, so it is with me. I have received replies from some bloggers that my comment was the nicest and one of the best comments they did receive, because I have commented on their Posts or I have written some lines in continuation of their poems.
In Cameroon – you would say Shiva the Shiva! Just to say you are great.
It is very surprising and strange to know, but at the same time it has made me feel a bit shy and embarrassing. I am great, no, no, I am not, I am not and I am not. Its only your greatness having to tell that.
I only wish that our friendship shall grow multi fold in the “Cradle of Love and Affection”.
Will that be a post for you now.
Fondest Regards,
Hey Ngobesing Romanus,
How delightful to have your company here at Dewin’s, Ngobesing, my friend 🙂 It’s wonderful to see you here and read your words of kindness, inspiration, encouragement, and support. And, if I may, I would also like to say how much I have enjoyed your fine company whilst sharing a stretch of road together over the past two weeks or so. I couldn’t have asked for anything more than fellowship and friendship, and in both regards, you have been most generous. There are reasons people meet across time and space, and whilst those reasons may not always be immediately ‘obvious’, the ‘quality’ of their impact is profound. I am very proud to call you my friend. Thank you 🙂
DN – 23/09/2015


  1. Ngobesing, your vision is huge, gigantic but not impossible. I truly hope that come one Concentrateday we will not read news of war, not to send our young men to fight endless senseless war. Thank you for doing what you can to inspire people and to encourage your readers to think on a bigger wider scale.

    ps. love the poem at the end of the post.

  2. I read this post and about to leave for Lunch.
    Your asking has now made me sit and write about your Wild Ambitions.
    Getting Peace into this World is itself the Wildest Ambition one can have, I suppose.
    Because the world is not mild and it needs somebody very wild.
    When every country wants to show its might through the military power that it possess.
    It is not so easy to have ambitions like that.
    Only a day dreamer can think of that to achieve.
    All day dreamers have achieved like that.
    Night dreams are for the self.
    Day dreaming is for others, that which you are dreaming of.
    I only wish that one day will come, it may take time and we may not be there to see, but what we have wished is important.
    It shall be for the next generation.
    Here I go…….

      1. I now decorate my gift with the wrapper of a Poem for YOU.

        The World Is just a Piece
        But who wants Peace
        Every country wants to show its Might
        Who is going to make them Tight
        I think people like you Might
        For the next Generations to see the Sight
        A peaceful World so Bright

        Shiva for Ngobesing

      2. You are just so special, aren’t you?. I do not know what to say. You are really special. You are as composed in your words as you look in your picture. I must say you have won my admiration. Thank you for this lovely gift (poem). I shall keep it jealously. I have written poems for many people; and today mine comes. Ha ha ha! A time for everything, indeed! Best wishes beloved friend. Keep on shining light on the world and its

  3. You see, reading this, I smile not about the ambitious dream but to the fact that such a dream often comes with divine inspiration. The world is in turmoil today all orchestrated by people who equally had dreams but that were oriented towards wrong ideologies and designed to foster the devil’s plans. I know God does not pull the trigger, he can only use men like you – in fact he has always done that. God did not hand write a single word in the Bible, he used men just like you who lived in communities like we do today and who had similar difficulties we are having today.

    I smile because while the challenges are there, it’s NOT impossible, the day shall come when the world will remember that somebody had a dream and they will be living it just like we live Martin Luther’s today. I know and trust that this will come to pass whether we as a generation approve of it, or not. We just have to keep the flame alight in those who support what we stand for and fight to be the best at all times. If God gave you such an inspiration and call, he will surely give you the will, the stamina and the means to pull through. You are blessed.

    1. This can only come from a great mind. Your words came down on me like a gentle shower of blessings. You cannot even imagine what impact your comment has had on me especially coming from someone who knows my heart, my mind and my skin through and through. Words are not enough to say thank you. Thank you and thank you and thank you. For ever be blessed.

  4. I really like that you pointed out that it is of vital importance to be successful in our relationships with those we love. We are on this earth to love, and God has granted us the ability to love. This world cannot be a better place, if we, as humans do not exude love in our daily interactions. A great place to start loving, is in our own home!

    1. This is exact. And for us to love, we have to be taught to love. By teaching we are not talking of the classroom experience only. We start teaching our child from the first day its born through touch and even the thought waves that we communicate to them. We have to communicate love in our facial appearance, our smile, our voice, our touch and so on. The child will grow up knowing love and being able to love and be loved; that is if this education continues in school, and where ever they go, etc.

  5. I read the whole article. I was led to record my comment in my journal. Here is my entry DSC_0106about it. Hopefully it does not go into the spam bin!
    Tuesday, September 22, 2015 at 11:56 am
    Father? Every single moment You amaze me with Your doings! Here I am minding the task that You have assigned unto me—I am not looking for anyone’s fellowship anymore because You have given me peace about this matter of fellowship.
    Very well then! I have revised the first published book titled Power From On High! Now I have re-submitted it for publication of the revised edition.—that will take at least 24 hours before I hear from Kindle. What to do next?
    I go to my kitchen and rescued my almost burnt boiled eggs! I combined them with my veggie meddle from the fridge, added a touch of balsamic vinegar and voila! A tasty brunch!
    Next? I come back to my desk, papers, notes, books and what have you functionally scattered all around my computer! The mouse and the key board have been giving me a heap of troubles—those two seemed to have team-up to test my exploding limit!
    Alright, I proceed to check my long list of emails—open & close, open & close looking for the one that I am waiting for, what was that one? Goodness sake! Don’t even remember what is it that I am waiting for! Bless my heart!
    I click—the mouse jumps to wherever I did not mean for it to jump to! What? How did I get here? I start to click away then, there! My brother! How did I get to you? Let me see what he is up to now?
    Peace in the world Ngobesing Romanus. I begin to read—carefully inquiring from the Spirit within my being, what is it that I see?
    I like Ngobesing! I know that he is Your servant. What is it that You are showing me about my brother and his passion for peace in this world? Suddenly! I see!
    My brother, I sense that I must ask you if you would like to hear what I see? If it is so, please keep checking my blog, for I will post the whole matter in the blog. 🙂
    His love in my heart for all, thia/Basilia

    1. Spell binding. I read all without a blink. Thank you so much for I can see how much attention you have paid to this post. What greater love and consideration can you demonstrate to me. God in his love and mercy will direct us. Rich blessings to you, loving friend. May God’s light continuously shine through you to the world!

      1. To Him be the honor! Thanks for your support. I have not posted yet the rest of what I saw! I am waiting for the right time!
        Besides, I am going to have to re-do my revision process with Kindle because I found that I wrote, ‘no still’ instead of ‘no steal’. Now, I’ll have to wait another 24 hrs plus wait, wait, wait! for whatever! O how tiresome this waiting can be! We need the power of love from on high to overcome our own impatient selves!
        His love in my heart for all, thia

    1. Thank you very much. I really hope so. Of one thing ,I am very sure. If my ideas are not bought today, they will be tomorrow. If not from me, from someone else. I believe this is the way of the future if we are to save the world. My prayer is that God may offer me the opportunity to come across someone who can put me on the platform. Knowing it is God’s work he wants to do through me, I am positive He will give me the right people at the right time. I pray that people may spread this vision on the net that God may carry it to the people he has chosen for it. If you take the books you write, there is so much in them to teach the beauty of the world ; to fill people with love; to make people love others, go beyond barriers etc. These are the things we should give priority to not how to beat the other person in the competition, undercut the other, betray, deceive, play a fast one on the other etc.Of course, in the real world, these things cannot be ignored but they must not be presented as the best way or the normal way. We should progressively move away from such a way of life.

      1. I see it exactly the same way. It is not about to fight against war and only talk about the bad things, but to stand up, spread light and love and take action to make it better, to show examples, to be role models. We need to encourage, to empower, to motivate, to ignite the loving light wherever and whenever we can. We need to speak about it and to practice it. This way we infect others and they again infect others. Humanity can become a virus that rushes around the world. It is possible. I believe it!!! And this is not a dream! I believe that it is possible! You are a great speaker and motivater. It is wonderful how active you are. I am sure you will get the right people at hands, because love always has priority.

      2. You have touched the heart of it. I knew it was not my dream alone. I knew many people would see the same way. You state so clearly here. Our challenge is to crystallize it; to give it flesh and take it off the round and begin to channel it to gradually gather momentum as it journeys along; and soon it becomes a whirl wind for good.Your words here are just what this dream needs to become reality. Because with every word put in it gathers flesh; and becomes ‘our’ thing. Thank you Erika.

  6. If we start sending all warmongers in one way journey into space we might, because there are only handful warmongers who provoke and harass, the majority will rather live in peace, maybe a squabble or two but not wars

    It is easy to forget those less fortunate, but never excusable. I agree with you.

    Though one person can’t save the world, one person can help ease the suffering of one, five, or more people through simple acts of kindness.

    If 100 people help this way, a 1000 others might have an easier life, a sense they have value, have one less thing to worry about.

    king_hand_photoOne way I like to help is save all my change in a container till I have a nice sum. When I have a container full of loose change, I give it to a group that provides food to children in the community who might otherwise eat just one meal a day – the one they get at school for lunch.

    The group provides food all year since these children might not get regular meals during weekends, holidays, and vacations.

    The cost to me? Trivial. It amazes me how much money I accumulate this way. A pastor of my church suggested this as a way to set aside money to help others, but until I tried it, I thought it probably was a small deal.

    Save the world? No, I don’t make a big deal of difference on the huge scale of need, but on the lesser scale of need in my community, I am able to make a difference.

    Thanks for bringing this thought up! I challenge anyone reading our remarks to try this simple way of helping or tell us how they help ease the way for less fortunate people.

    • You have a golden heart. I give you a thumbs up.You rightly say it; one person will not change the world but one person can make a difference in the world which is what with your simple method you are doing. It’s a huge difference, you are making indeed. As you so well say, if more people could do such simple but loving gestures, our world would be great. Of course, there can be no doubt that not everybody will do it but many will be inspired by this to do something. I do not agree with people who hold that good deeds like yours should not be publicized. Good deeds, I believe, should be publicized not for the self aggrandizement of the one who has carried out the good deed, but in other that someone somewhere may be inspired by it to emulate the example; and if this can be multiplied, that will mean so much to the world.Let me take this opportunity to thank you of the West who in my judgement have been doing so much to alleviate the plight of the less fortunate in other continents like mine (Africa – Cameroon). Although not everybody will appreciate it, (not every one is blessed with the gift of appreciation), many do appreciate. May God continue to fill your hearts with the spirit of love and generosity, and your pockets with the means to stand by those who need a shoulder to lean on. Many blessings to you.

    • This was the first time I mentioned to anyone I do this. There are a couple people who know because one I give the money for the meals and the other is the pastor, but it seemed appropriate today to mention it after your comments. Maybe we will trigger others to do good works! It doesn’t have to be a big thing, just one from the heart that helps someone else an a way that makes a difference in their life, the burdens they have.

      I admit the visit by the Pope in America today, this week, has touched my heart and inspired me, too, to speak to this action though I’m not Catholic.

    • Thank you. You’ve made my day. Please, forward.ever.Talking about being Catholic or not, does not matter.We are all children of God. When you send the gifts you send into the world you do not know who benefits. Nothing should keep us apart. Lots of blessings to you.

    • Exactly! It takes very little effort to do nice things for others, and Christ advises us to do just that in Matthew 25:31-46. Though the intent is to assure eternal life, one should do this because it is right, regardless of personal gain.

Peace in the world

krCan we have peace in the world? Yes, we can. I like us to talk peace here. I like us also to talk about you; about me; and about my vision for an excellent world. A lot of things in one post; but they all form one package. It’s a long post, but I deem it necessary.

As I start another year in this world, I am amazed by how this blog has grown within such a short time. We started here in August 2014. Then I imported from blogger without the stats. That is why you will see the date in the archives going back to 2012. I cannot believe where I am because of my late entry into ICT and social media.

IMG_0375I fully enjoyed the last one year on this blog, doing what I did. I loved every single minute I spent blogging. It was thrilling, exciting, enjoyable, fulfilling. I have special love for people. I like to see everyone happy. Give me a magic wand to wipe out evil from the surface of the earth and let good prevail, and I will dash for it.

My dream is to contribute to make you as successful and as happy as you can be. My heartfelt desire is to pump you up to exploit your potential to the full and soar high in the sky. I go to bed at night and get up in the morning asking myself, “What can I do to help those I meet to become the best persons or the greatest persons that they can be.” This is my call. The is the purpose for which God put me here. I believe everybody will do better with encouragement, inspiration, the right motivation and 10489_10152206347645578_1374916903_nhelp including people who are doing extremely well and even better than the person who is doing the motivation or encouragement. That is why I encourage thousands of you reading this whom I know are doing by far better than me. What I want is that you do even better; that you exploit that talent to the full. When you succeed more, the world becomes a little better for everybody. Hence, do not be surprised to hear me tell you to get up and go for your best when you are running far ahead of me. I am just doing my job – what I am here to do. The Pope can win his salvation through a sermon by a priest.

I thank God for granting me the opportunity to do what I am doing. He has offered me many opportunities in the past to do it including social media; and continues to do so.

I thank God for granting me the gift of openness. I say what is in my mind and heart as long as I know it is for good; that it is what He expects of me.
As I start another year after my birthday, may God grant me all the resources I pray for so that I may continue with what I am doing for him through service to you and humanity. If I am not yet able to put a donate button on this site, I like to let you know that your support will be most welcome. I have a message I want to take to the world. What has delayed its take-off is the fact that the financial resources that God has set aside for this purpose have not yet reached me. They are definitely on the way from you or others. May God use you as a channel for this!

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThis is the message I want to take to the world. I want to tell the world that an excellent world is possible. A world without war is possible. Peace is possible; but we WILL NEVER have peace going about it as we are doing. We must change our method. What will bring us the excellent world we all need is education. What type of education? this is what I want to tell the world. Not the education that we are giving our children and ourselves right away. A new type of education.

My message is nothing new. Thousands of people have talked about what I have to say in various ways. You know it; and have talked about it in one form or the other; but we as a world have not yet been able to rally together around it and embrace it. That is what we absolutely need to embark on. That is what we are embarking on. We need to mobilize the whole world to carry out a reform that will lead to an excellent world. The path which the world is taking today is leading the world to destruction. If it is not changed, the destruction of the world will be inevitable.

I pray you to give careful thought to this vision which I have for the world. God usesSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES who he chooses for his works. He chose a virgin to be a channel for the realization of his salvation plan. He chose Joseph for the role you know. He chose fishermen and many other lowly ones for his mission. He is calling you and I to say yes to Him to use us for this dream to become a reality. That is why he is unveiling this to you now. He is asking you to be at the forefront. He has put you among the first to be informed of this vision because He wants you to play a special role.

IMG_20141226_222125I am passionate about this dream. I am sure of one thing: there will be millions of people who will laugh at me as a day dreamer; but that will not deter me. Billions follow what Jesus Christ taught; millions follow what Mohammed taught; millions follow what other great leaders taught, yet not everybody believes them; and their work has not stopped; their teachings have helped the world. I am very confident that billions will go with me. There are billions of excellent people in the world who hunger and thirst for an excellent world and are ready to do whatever they can to rid the world of the so much evil. These are my people. I will go with them and together the miracle will be done. The truth is no matter how passionate I might be about this dream, I can go nowhere with it alone. I need others to succeed. No General, no matter how great they may be can fight and win a war alone. I therefore invite you to come on board. Join me let us rebuild the world. Join me! Let us stop the world from destroying itself. Let us muster the courage of our convictions. PhotoGrid_1420273189495

This is my prayer and promise to God as I start to enjoy my gift of another year in this world:

“For the next one year, O Lord;DSCN0566
I promise to do my best
In everything I will do;
I promise to serve you the best way I can
Through the service I will render
To your people in the world.
I promise to do my utmost to educate, inspire,
Encourage, motivate, and help
As many people as I can,
To bring out the best in them;
To realize their full potentials,
As it is in your plan for them;
So that they can offer the best of themselves

We are already moving

We are already moving

As they possibly can do,
To make the world an excellent place
For all to live in and enjoy.
Lord God, may you grant me
The courage of my dreams;
The wisdom and all the other resources
That I need to do what you
Have called me to do for you.

Strong, confident, assertive Linda-Claire

Ngobesing Linda-Claire Neh is a 23-year old young graduate of the Buea University in Cameroon. She is a ??????????development agent who picked up her first job less than one week after graduation, despite the scarcity of jobs in the country. The things she stands for, does and dreams to do motivated me to invite her for this discussion. Linda is one of the most inspiring young persons I have met. She speaks with assurance; and seems to know where she is going and how to get there. When she speaks on radio, many people listen knowing she has a message to put across. This young lady with big goals for her life is an asset where she works. I am very elated that she is my first guest on this blog and I know you will be as thrilled by our discussion as I was. Follow the chat:
Linda, I am delighted to have you as my first guest on this blog.
The pleasure is mine. I feel really honored to be here.
You work for a Development organization, what is it called?
I work for a development Non-Governmental Organization known as COMINSUD or Community Initiative for Sustainable Development
What position do you hold there?
I am the communications and PR assistant; but I also cross-cut through all other running projects in the organization like Democracy and Empowerment of Women, Land Governance, Water Governance, Food security and Environmental protection.
What does your work entail?
The day-to-day management of communications within the organization, ensuring that information is effectively communicated and feedback received to complete the process of communication.I manage the organization’s website and social network sites, updating the most recent happenings related to the organization’s activities and responding to reactions.
I represent the organization at public events including round table SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESdiscussions on international events, representing and participating in seminars within the city and attending meetings.
I Cross cut through other projects in the organization. In the Democracy and Empowerment of Women funded by Bread for the world Germany, I support Local Governance centers with training on monitoring cases, creating linkages with other institutions, writing and documenting cases. The Governance Network (LOGONET) has over 500 community based change agents in 34 Local Governance Centers. It addresses violation of women’s rights and other human rights, democracy and governance at local level.
I supervise training, assist in preparing for workshops and carry out follow-up activities on projects on Land and Agriculture.

I am the project manager of Eco-kids, an environmental project with 10 schools in the city. I supervise over 300 school children and 10 teachers on the implementation of environmental actions. The project is funded by Dordrecht – Bamenda Foundation Netherlands.
You got your present job just one week after graduation. How did this happen at a time when employment is so difficult to come by in the country?
Yes, I got engaged immediately after graduation as a Community Volunteer with VSO Cameroon via the VSO national volunteering program. When the program was launched, I applied just 3 days after graduation but anxious to put my skills to work. A day later, I was convened for interview. Of over 200 applicants, I was among the 15 selected and posted where I work today.
You studied Gender and Journalism. Now you are into development. How do the two match?
I earned my undergraduate Double Major degree in women and gender studies and journalism and mass communication. Development journalism has always been top on my agenda ; and I strongly believe that Gender analysis is and should be the most useful tool in any development process. The importance of effective communication cannot be over emphasized. My courses contained very useful elements to facilitate development work.
Would you like to share some of the lessons you’ve learned as you go about your work, meeting people: women, men and other developers?
I have learned so many lessons. Each day at work is an opportunity to learn new things and improve my knowledge and skills and how to interact with others. Most importantly, I’ve learned to serve and put service to humanity as a priority in my life.
Let’s come back to your studies. What prompted you to do a double major in gender and journalism?
Initially I was never interested in a Double major in Women and gender studies. I was orientated by my parents (that’s you and mum- laughs) who made me see the importance of the course. I wanted to study Journalism being passionate about media. I wanted to minor in gender studies in view of creating a TV show to transform the lives of women in the world. Thanks to your excellent orientation, I took the course fully and it has opened many doors for me and empowered me incredibly.
How did your studies shape your thinking to make you what you are today? What are some of the lasting lessons that you learned in the university?
I have become very analytical and like to wear a gender lens to look at anything. I put more effort to edit my writing, pronounce my words, so that these can shine through me and become part of my personal brand and make me known as someone who writes and speaks eloquently. My course in WGS and JMC makes me come across as a professional Gender analyst and media practitioner who doesn’t just look but sees and knows exactly where to start the race and which direction to take.
You studied in an all girls school, Our Lady Of Lourdes College. What memories do you have of this institution?
I have the fondest memories of this college where I met the most incredible girls growing up into the world’s most powerful women. They contributed tremendously to build me. This institution gave me a sound Holistic education that has shaped my life. Part of my strength to overcome challenges today is thanks to the challenges that I faced there. Lots of Challenges; which made me strong and gave me reason to fight against all odds to excel. It’s so nice to see my teachers today wearing broad smiles on their faces when they see me; especially when they tell me how proud they are of me.
Tell me about your philosophy of life. What is your guiding principle?
Service! Service to the people first! There is nothing I enjoy more than serving people and getting shining results.serve
How did you come about this?
First, as a young girl, I was a Cadet of Mary (Catholic group which models Mary, the mother of Christ and lives her ways). I cannot forget the rule of the Cadet: ‘The Cadet serves others first, self Last’. In our Lady of Lourdes the motto was “to serve with love”. Back at home love is the guiding principle that bonds my family together. We have learned to love one another from seeing my parents’ love each other.
Who are some of the people who inspire you, I mean your role models?
I admire lots of women whose success serves as a guide to me; but of all these women, my mother shines out. She is a strong woman. At professional level, two women stand out to me as great women’s rights activist: Hillary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey and Anne Nsang Nkwain (May her gentle soul rest in peace. She just passed on). These women fight with so much passion that has given me reason not to give up on the cause for women’s empowerment. They are my role models. I look up to them. They inspire me.
Do you have male role models?
I have a male role model: my father (that’s you – laughs). You bring out the best in me every day of my life with your inspirational messages and soul-searching pieces for reflection. You have lived your purpose so cautiously and passionately and that has given me every reason to find and live my purpose here on earth.
Thanks for your kind words. It’s not every daughter who appreciates her parents. Tell me: which are your favorite books?
I am a great reader. The book that gives me all the solutions is the Holy Bible. I also read Motivational books. I have read ‘The Impossible is Possible’ over and over. I am looking forward to owning a copy of “Confident Woman by Joyce Meyer.

What are your dreams? I mean your aspiration?
To spend the rest of my life supporting young girls to develop their self-esteem, overcome their challenges, realize their dreams and live up to their potential. I want to see a society where girls everywhere know what they want, go for it with confidence and win. I aspire to build a strong network of girls who support and strengthen each other to overcome the challenges of women’s emancipation. If I find an organization that provides this kind of service to young girls, that is where I would like to work. In addition to providing girls the opportunity to benefit from networking, I would like to provide them with one-on-one matches with mentors to foster self-respect and love, leadership skills, creativity, critical thinking and collaboration.
What do you want to be yourself?
I want to be that woman who uses potential to build potential; that woman who transforms the lives of girls all over the world.
How else do you plan to realize this dream?
I intend to own a television show which I call ‘Strong women; strong girls platform’. The show will empower young women to think critically about themselves, their identity and their goals, breaking down negative messages fed to them by society. I will enrich them to be stimulants of positive change in their communities. I will interview women in decision-making positions who are potential mentors for young girl.This opportunity will enable young women and girls to understand how the women of the world who have developed new solutions reached the top. My hope is that the lives of girls living in both urban and rural communities can be transformed.
I intend to run multipurpose enrichment centers for girls all over the country. These centers will have 3 departments; a library, a modern computer laboratory and a mentoring department. Strong networks of girls, especially girls in rural communities shall be built and provided one-on-one mentor matches who will mold them.

Would you support a woman to become the president of your country?
I would support a Woman to become whoever they want to become. There is no limit to what a woman should aspire to be. I strongly support women in power and decision-making; and advise that they prioritize and address women’s issues to make the difference. We must go beyond representation to influence.
Do you think a woman can be a good leader of your country? If so, what makes you think so?
There are lots of powerful women in my country who can lead the change we believe in. I strongly believe in the potential of women because they have proven their worth. Away from politics, if we look at the number of women who are building communities and changing people’s lives then undoubtedly a woman will do a great Job in this light. At basic education level which is the core to upbringing and subsequently contributing to the kind of society that we want, women are key decision makers as head teachers. More and more women are nurses in hospitals; chairpersons of churches; home managers and what have you? If we put all these together, we will realize that the woman plays a key and significant role in leadership even without being politically appointed or voted. Leadership for them is an in-born quality. If a woman is given the chance to lead, she will make the difference.
To me you are a star. That is why I chose you for this interview; and I appreciate that you accepted. Do you have a word for young people who would love to be like you?
I am edified by your compliment. To all young people who look up to me, I have this to say: ‘There is absolutely no limit to what you can achieve, dear girls; but there are equally speed breaks and potholes on the road to success. You are strong enough to overcome all challenges you will face and live your purpose; but it only gets better when you trust God first and then believe in yourself.’
You are wonderful! It was a pleasure talking to you
It was a privilege for me to be your guest. I really count myself blessed. I am highly impressed by your site. It seems to me you are building one of the world’s leading sites. You have inspiring and edifying stuff there. It’s simply amazing.

Ngobesing Linda Neh is a Double Major Gender and Journalism Graduate from Cameroon’s most reputed Buea University. She hails from the English-speaking North West Region of Cameroon. Linda is a writer, talented broadcaster, blogger, developer and motivational speaker, especially on girls and women’s empowerment, violence against women, helping young girls to develop their fullest potentials and make their voices heard. She is the founder and CEO of an NGO known as She Platform with a website @ To contact her send email to:  or Worldpulse.Com/user/22210.