Operation “Visit your SIWO Neighbour”

Hello Sweet friends!
My best wishes to all!
I know you are doing fine;
That is my wish as well.
Today, I wish to invite you
To "Operation
Visit your SIWO neighbour!"
What are friends for
If they don't visit each other?
In SIWO we are a community;
We are friends:
We are family;
Why not make it a habit
To visit at least one person
A day in this community?
That shall enable us build
Stronger friendships.
That is our call to you.
Shall you answer our call?
May God grant you the grace
To do so.


When fear takes residence

full frame shot of text on wood

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

When I saw Fear coming;
I thought he was visiting;
And offered him a seat;
To my greatest surprise,
He said he was not only visiting,
But taking residence;
That if I wanted to be safe,
I should forget everything
and run for my dear life;
And let it settle;
I told him,
I would face every challenge
And rise high.
One thing I have learned:
Fear never likes to visit;
Fear likes to take residence
In the human heart.
And when he does,
He inhibits, limits,
And chases away success.
Never give fear a chance
To take residence in your heart.

Welcome Renata!

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Hi all! My name is Renata and I hail from southern New Jersey. I recently started my blog to really talk about my life experience navigating through my twenties. I post weekly mostly about my opinions on things and other wonderful relatable nonsense. Buffalo Sauce is my favorite food (seriously, other foods are just a vehicle for me to eat it at this point). I usually joke when people ask about my blog title and say that it’s “the answer to an unspoken question” (you’ll see in a second). I love the Myers-Briggs and I’m an ENTP. I’m sure that this will come up plenty of times in my writing! I started this blog because I consider people and words to be my two passions, so helping others through my writing is the bees knees. Translating from French to English is also fun too!

If you’d care to check out my blog and share it, I would really appreciate it.


I’ve been keeping up with this blog and love what I’ve read so far. Keep on keeping on!

To SIWO authors and all SIWO community members

Hello friends,

Hope you are doing fine. We are proud of all SIWO authors and SIWO community members. Wishing you enjoyable blogging.

The Admins of SIWO very much like to visit your site as often as possible. Help make this happen. It is easy for us to do it when you leave a comment. We will respond to the comment and visit also.

You can bear with us that the volume of activity on SIWO has tremendously increased and we can only visit those who are most visible.

We thus request that you help us help you. Blogging is interaction and sharing, without which it does not succeed.

Even a one-word comment does it all.

Thanks for your kind understanding.

Remain our lovely friend.

Best regards,


Highlighted blogs

Hello friends!
Today we are highlighting four blogs. We invite you to be as sweet to these bloggers as you always are by visiting them and making them your friends. Friends help us grow. The more friends we have the better for our blogging.

1. KathrinS

What an awesome idea and concept! If you still have a space I’d love to be promoted. My blog is around 1 month old, and it follows my journey as I set up my new life in London.

Kathrin — http://mycupofenglishtea.wordpress.com

2. nandukeyur

Hello people my blog is all about various things that I like to express through writing.Hope you all will express what you feel about my blog. Thank you success inspirer’s world for this beautiful opportunity.

3. Lemon zest

Hi , my blog , Lemon Zest , is about travel , food and my deeper asipirations and inspirations. I had a really bad incident in life a few months ago , and writing heloed me to find who i truly am and to regain my confidence. Thankyou for this !

4. Avishek Singh

Hello, My blog is all short stories. I’m a newbie here so a audience who like my good work or ready to criticize me for my bad work is welcomed. I don’t want to say much about my stories it’s better if you just have a look at it. My aim here is to become a better writer with time. https://avisheksingh11.wordpress.com

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Painting ‘Proud Devotion’

Acryl painting titled ‘Proud Devotion’ by Michel Montecrossa


Michel Montecrossa Homepage: http://www.MichelMontecrossa.com

All Michel Montecrossa Paintings and Drawings, available as High Resolution Premium Quality Art Prints, can be seen as previews: michelmontecrossa.com/gallery/paintings-drawings
To know more about and plan your visit to Michel Montecrossa’s ongoing ‘The Energy Of Art’ Exhibition (Mirapuri New Art Gallery, Italy) and the ‘Deep Brain Art’ Exhibition at the New Art Gallery in Germany (Filmaur Multimedia House, Gauting near Munich) please visit these links:

‘The Energy Of Art’ Exhibition: click here

‘Deep Brain Art’ Exhibition: click here

Copyright: All Michel Montecrossa Paintings, Drawings, Photography, Digital-Art, Art-Objects and Movies © Filmaur Multimedia

A visit to your country

Are you proud of your country?
If I came visiting your country,
Tell me some of the places
You would proudly recommend I visit?

Are you proud of your city?
If I came visiting your city,
Tell me some of the hotels
You would recommend I live in.

Are you proud of your people?
If I came visiting your country,
Tell me some of the people or communities
You would recommend I visit and talk to
About my own country?

Thanks for giving me this vital information
The world is a global village; one family.
I should feel at home if I come visiting
In your country as you should in mine.