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When fear takes residence

When I saw Fear coming; I thought he was visiting; And offered him a seat; To my greatest surprise, He said he was not only visiting, But taking residence; That if I wanted to be safe, I should forget everything and run for my dear life; And let it settle; I told him, I would…

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Welcome Renata!

Hi all! My name is Renata and I hail from southern New Jersey. I recently started my blog to really talk about my life experience navigating through my twenties. I post weekly mostly about my opinions on things and other wonderful relatable nonsense. Buffalo Sauce is my favorite food (seriously, other foods are just a…

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Highlighted blogs

Hello friends! Today we are highlighting four blogs. We invite you to be as sweet to these bloggers as you always are by visiting them and making them your friends. Friends help us grow. The more friends we have the better for our blogging. 1. KathrinS What an awesome idea and concept! If you still…

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Highlighted blog day 5

Yuvi’s Buzz Greetings Success Inspirers World! I thank you for this opportunity and this is a great idea that I appreciate so much. About me, I’m a simple girl who loves to write and draw. I’ve started this blog like three weeks before. Take a look here… Thanks in advance!

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A day of joy with daughter

Sunday October 2016 was a day of joy with our daughter, Raina Braine. She will be fourteen in six days. The 5th of November 2002 to 5th November 2016. Almost the whole family visited her in school because it was visiting. What a great moment with her one week ahead of her birthday!

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