I am Glad to be Alive Poetry Video

Here is a video I did of me doing a freestyle poem. The words and the rhymes were on completely made on the spot. I hope you enjoy! 🙂

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Video ‘Paris Paradox’ – An Image-Of-Poesy-Movie By Mirakali

Watch here ‘Paris Paradox’ – An Image-Of-Poesy-Movie by Mirakali


Music, poetry and movie by Mirakali, administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Filmaur Multimedia Germany
Drawings by Michel Montecrossa
Produced by Filmaur Multimedia @ 2014
‘Paris Paradox’ is part of the Avantgarde DVD, the Mirapuri Filmfest 2014 Collection with 17 music-movies, further information you find here

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Image below: Mirakali, taken from the art & music movie ‘The House Of Time Part 1 – Every Moment’ by Michel Montecrossa