It’s left to you

Whether you are visually impaired, Or you can see, That’s fine; You are favoured; You are here; Others could not make it. The universe remains the limit for you. Whether you have a physical disability Or you are able-bodied, That’s fine, You are favoured; Other did not just make it here; You have talents to enable you excel; Every condition is good; Is an opportunity, Or blessing; It’s left to you to find it’ And make the most of it.

3 ways of appreciating your spouse

If you have been following me, I talked about the role of praise and appreciation in our relationship and promised to continue.

Today, I like us to look at types of appreciation. There are three types of appreciation that you can use in your marriage:

  1. Auditory
  2. Visual
  3. Kinesthetic appreciation.

It is good when you know the type that your spouse likes. I should mention that everyone has one dominant style that they prefer. As much as possible appreciate your spouse in the style that he or she likes.

Auditory appreciation has to do with hearing. If you like auditory appreciation it means you like to hear words of appreciation said to you. They are happy when you tell them how great they are; how good they are.

Visual appreciation has to do with vision; seeing. They like appreciation given in a way that they can see. Example: a letter of appreciation, a certificate, a card, a flower, a painting, something they can hang on the wall.

Kinesthetic appreciation has to do with feeling – a hug, a handshake, a pad on the back, a massage, taking a walk, holding hands, etc.

My spouse likes visual appreciation while I like kinesthetic appreciation.

In the next article, we will share on how we appreciate each other in each other’s style.

Do you know the type of appreciation that your spouse likes? Why not ask your spouse if you do not know. It will help you in your effort to use appreciation to enhance joy in your marriage.

Thanks for reading.