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Keep quiet little voice!

I hear a little voice, That sounds so loud; Inside of me; A very little voice; That sounds so loud; And do you know What it’s telling me? To stop what I’m doing; To give up; To stop trying to succeed, As it is no use; That I will fail; It sounds so loud and…

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God’s silent voice

The Lord is speaking to you At this moment; Listen to His golden voice; You will hear him Whispering to your heart; Like a passing breeze; That is God’s silent voice; He is the king of the universe; Sweeter than the angels He sounds; Telling you things That are important to hear; Answering your cry;…

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No noise!

Don’t shout! The Master sounds loudest When He speaks Silently. Inspiration for this post was drawn from Kallie’s poem: Silence. Thank you Kallie. I appreciate.

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A bedtime melody

Your voice is sweet Like a song; A true bedtime melody; I love to hear you, As I go to bed; Whisper to me those Sweet words of love; To remind me of How much you love me. Let your words roll As a love song. A true bedtime melody.

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A Sense of Peace

Every single time a monk crosses my path, I can’t help but stare. The blast of colour from their saffron robe, awakens me. This striking, bright shade layered onto glistening brown skin, a cleanly shaved head and pearly white smile. One of the most captivating images I have ever laid my eyes on. Simply being…

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Your beauty we need

Do you know the beautyOf angelic voices?When lovely souls openTheir mouths,Sweet words flow;When people with heartsOf gold speak,There is a flow of joy;When good peopleCommunicate,Good things are said;When saints deliverThe contentOf their hearts,The beauty of the worldIs enhanced.Flow ye, lovely voicesOf the world;Your beauty we need.

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Make your voice heard

You don’t die in silence; Make your voice heard; Don’t be one of those people Who are dying; But not making Their voices heard; No need dying in silence; Believe me; I encourage you To make your voice heard; Stand up And be counted; Fight your fight; Nobody will do it for you. Be it…

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