Listen my dearest!

Listen my dearest!
A silent voice is calling;
A silent, powerful voice;
It is the voice of God;
Calling out to you;
Harden not your heart.
Wisdom calls you
To say “yes” to this voice;
Which surpasses all voices;
Voice of the most high God;
But on your own you are deaf;
On your own, you lack;
And cannot hear;
Only by grace can you;
By His grace alone
Can you hear his humble,
Steady and powerful voice.

Words of encouragement

I love your words of encouragement;
I love when you whisper
Them into my ears;
I love them even better
When you say them aloud
To the hearing of others;
They motivate me;
They make me feel fine;
They spur me on
To do much better
Than before;
Keep those words coming;
Those encouraging words;
Let me hear
That voice of yours
That sounds like
A sweet melody
From a Nightingale;
They inspire me.

My silent inner voice

Do you have
A silent inner voice
Like mine?
It keeps talking
To me;
It never stops
Talking to me;
A silent inner voice
That tells me
What to do;
And what not to do;
I love this silent
Inner voice;
I trust it;
It points the way
To my creator;
When it is in line
With his plan
For the world,
I follow it;
But at times,
It is not to be trusted;
It is unreliable;
It misleads;
And so, I am vigilant.
Very vigilant.

A reliable fellow

What is your innerself
Telling you?
Pay attention to him;
Everybody has an innerself;
And this innerself
Has a voice some call
inner voice;
It is a silent voice,
That sends powerful messages all the times;
At times, it advises;
At times it directs;
At times it guides you;
At times, it orders;
At times, it instructs;
Wisdom calls you
To listen to it;
For never will you go
Astray if you do;
Your inner self
Through your inner voice,
Call it intuition,
Will never fail you
If you rely on him.
He is a reliable fellow.

Make your voice heard

What is your voice for
If it is not heard?
Speak out!
It is time to speak out;
Gather courage;
Don’t chew your lips
And swallow your words
When the time has come
To speak out;
Make your point;
Assert yourself;
Make your presence felt;
Let your voice be heard
Far and near.
Toss the leaves
And the grass to the left
And to the right
With only the sound
Of your voice.
You are no small person.

Keep quiet little voice!

I hear a little voice,
That sounds so loud;
Inside of me;
A very little voice;
That sounds so loud;
And do you know
What it’s telling me?
To stop what I’m doing;
To give up;
To stop trying to succeed,
As it is no use;
That I will fail;
It sounds so loud and clear,
And convincing too;
And doesn’t give me,
A chance to think;
It’s bombarding me;
Telling me no need
To think;
That I must waste no time
To carry on
What I am doing;
That it’s foolish of me
To do so;
But do you know what?
Damn it?
I am paying no heed,
To that little voice;
It Failure’s voice,
Trying to spread it’s feelers;
All over the world;
To install itself in my life;
Failure, you will fail;
That message is stupid;
A discouraging message;
No room
For discouraging messages
In my life;
I will not listen
To that little voice
With it’s discouraging message;
I will not allow myself
To be discouraged;
I will continue to do
What I am doing;
I will keep on going;
I will persist
No matter the difficulties
That I will find on my way;
I will not give up
Till I succeed;
And I will succeed.
Silence then, little voice;
Keep quiet,
And allow me
To pursue my goal.

SIWO international

God’s silent voice

The Lord is speaking to you
At this moment;
Listen to His golden voice;
You will hear him
Whispering to your heart;
Like a passing breeze;
That is God’s silent voice;
He is the king of the universe;
Sweeter than the angels
He sounds;
Telling you things
That are important to hear;
Answering your cry;
All your prayers he hears;
If you listen to him
And pay attention to
What he tells you;
And obey his commands;
He will hear your cry;
And answer your prayer;
Obedience is what he wants.
It is the key that opens
God’s heart.

A Sense of Peace


Every single time a monk crosses my path, I can’t help but stare. The blast of colour from their saffron robe, awakens me. This striking, bright shade layered onto glistening brown skin, a cleanly shaved head and pearly white smile. One of the most captivating images I have ever laid my eyes on.

Simply being in their presence evokes the most powerful sense of peace. No matter what is on your mind, this sensation grabs hold of you like the strongest gust of wind and leaves you wanting more.

Stepping onto the grounds of a temple resembles entering a mysterious, enchanted forest. Even if the location of the temple is right in the city centre, all of the trees and greenery easily make you feel thousands of miles away from civilization.

What a magnificent place to live! The temples alone are a sight to see with their detailed artwork and when placed in this setting, I have a terribly hard time ever wanting to leave.

I had the opportunity to participate in a Vipassana Meditation session led by the monks at a Wat in Vientiane, Laos.

Anticipating the session, I was as excited as a child on Christmas morning. Walking onto the grounds trying to take in as much as I could, the excitement I felt grew and grew.

Wild dogs happily chased each other in the lush grass while a few monks quietly raked leaves nearby. Birds chirped a familiar song in the rustling trees surrounding the temple, as I chose my pillow and sat in lotus pose. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. They began to chant…

I opened my eyes and smiled. Oh, what a wonderful day!

I tried my best to shut everything else out, except the cleansing sound of their voices.

Completely in the moment, I inhaled light, love and serenity.


“If there is to be any peace it will come through being, not having.”

―Henry Miller

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