Football Fans’Club 2

Vote: Who is the king?

Lionel Messi versus Christiano Ronaldo.

Who is the bigger boy?

Who do you adore?

Lionel Messi?

Christiano Ronaldo?

None of the above?

Any explanation?

Do you intend to watch the opening of the 2018 World Cup Competition?

Football is the king of sports.


Vote for a name

In 2017, I look forward to major changes on this site. One of them has to do with the name.

The name has changed many times since this blog started. In 2017, I want us to give it the final name. Some readers say the current name “Success Inspirers World” is okay. Some say they prefer the first name “Success Inspirer” which bis short and simple.

I am at a loss which to take and thought I should bring it to you. Kindly contribute. Which of the two names do you prefer? Why if you may explain?

Weigh up your vote

What shall your vote do?
Shall your vote promote good or evil?
Shall your vote make your country better or worse?
Shall your vote make the world better or worse?
Shall your vote nourish or kill division?
Shall your vote improve or worsen the situation of women?
Shall your vote enhance democracy or dictatorship?

#election, #poem, #vote, #voting

Who can predict?

Who can predict?
Who can say who will win?
Will it be Trump?
Or will it be Hillary?
Will it still be a man?
Or a woman will have
A chance this time?
It’s just hours away:
Tell me what you think;
Tell me what you foresee;
Tell me who you think will win:
And if you cannot guess,
Tell me who you like to win.
Should women have a chance
To show what they can do?
Or men should continue
To dominate
While the world sings
Gender equality?

Today is action day

Today is action day;
Not talking day;
Today is decision day;
You may call it choice day;
Talking time is over;
The day for action is today;
And the time for action is now;
That is why we say
Today is action day;
Not talking day;
But be wise!
Don’t regret tomorrow;
And act wisely!
And decide wisely!
And choose wisely!
And vote wisely!
Don’t be ashamed of your vote tomorrow!

Beware who you vote for!

Only an unscrupulous person
Will vote
For an unscrupulous person
To get into office.
Only a wayward person
Will vote
For a wayward person
To get into office;
Only a racist
Will vote
For a racist
To get into power;
Only a dishonest person
Will vote
For a dishonest person
To get into power;
Only a crooked person
Will vote
For a crooked person
To get into power;
Therefore beware of who you
Will vote
For in this election
For it will reflect who you are.

#advice, #beware, #candidates, #choice, #election, #politics, #vote

Keep that disaster away!

Who does not fear Trump?
Who does not fear disaster?
Only people like Trump
Wouldn’t fear Trump;
Trump is to be feared;
Listen to Trump to know
What Trump can do;
And what Trump will do;
Trump can set the world on fire;
Or maybe there’s an angel inside Trump
That I do no see;
Who knows? None really seems to know Trump;
But, honestly, I do fear Trump;
To vote for Trump!
I just can’t imagine.
You may love Trump; that’ll be good;
But to vote for Trump,
I don’t think so;
I really do fear Trump;
He may be fearless;
A rich, fearless, great man;
But in fearlessness danger also lurks;
Fearlessness and recklessness equals disaster.
Keep Trump away;
Keep that Disaster away.

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