The Christian couple

How are Christian couples seen by others? Do Christian couples truly love themselves as husband and wife? Do Christian couples respect their marital vows? Can a Christian spouse die for the other?

Read this story:

Robbers entered a house and asked for all the money
and valuables.
After they had collected what they could, they gave the
man of the house a gun with instructions to
shoot his wife or else he would be shot himself.
The man got the gun, pointed it at his wife and hesitated.
He is thought of what he had gone through in life
with his wife and how she had suffered and sacrificed for him.
He handed back the gun to the gang leader and said, “I am sorry I can’t do this…”
The gang leader silently grabbed the gun from him and passed it on to his wife with the
same instruction to shoot her husband or be shot.
The wife got the gun and without any single hesitation pointed it to her husband’s head and pulled
the trigger.
Luckily for the man, there were no bullets in the gun.

The robbers got their gun
and walked out of the house laughing.

Question for discussion:
1. If you were the man in that house and a Christian man, how would
you react towards your Christian
2. If you were the wife, and a Christian wife, what explanation would you
give to your
3. If you as a proud Christian were invited to advice Christian couples using this story, what advice
would you give them?


I kept the vow you broke (poem No. 89 from 100 poems for my sweetheart by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

When you stop looking
At me
Straight in my eyes,
And would not let me
Look into
Your own eyes,
I know your love for me
Is dead and gone,
And if not buried,
Soon to be;
When you would not smile
To me as freely as before
And your smile is no longer
The broad smile
That I knew and loved,
I know your love for me
Is dead and gone;
And if not buried,
Soon to be;
When you start moving
Away from me
To answer your calls,
A thing which you never
Did before,
And I see worry on your face
When I try to glance at
The messages coming
Into your phone,
I am left with no doubt
Your love for me
Has decamped.
But I am taking it
With calm courage,
Let no one deceive you;
It’s not easy;
How can it be?
After all that we have
Been through together?
An inseparable pair,
We looked;
An inspiration to many,
To know that at the sunset
Of our love,
You left me in the cold,
Into the arms of another.
Is torturing;
It pains so much;
Especially as you were truly
An angel!
The devil has carried a trophy;
But I will be strong,
And make as if I knew nothing
About what’s going on;
While I wait for my day,
Which I know is not far;
I know you and your new love
Celebrate your success
Thinking you have succeeded
To fool me to keep trusting you;
What you don’t know is
I know more than you know;
I know everything,
But what is the use?
Go on if it makes you happy.
I love you and like to know
You are happy.
One day you will know
When I am no longer there,
That I knew everything,
But opted to close my eyes
Since what you did made you happy.
I am so proud on my part
I have never
Broken the vow I took before
God to stay faithful to you;
I am so proud of myself.
You can see I am not the fool
You take me to be.
I have won because
I kept
The vow you broke.

Marital vows (Success in marriage 1 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Do you remember
What we vowed
To do
To each other
Do you remember
What we vowed
To be
To each other?
Do you remember
Our marital vows?
Do you care about
Respecting them?
I want to assure you
That all our marital vows
Are still fresh in my mind
And that I do my best
To respect them.
On the respect of
Our marital vows
Depends our marriage.
Please, let us both
Respect our vows.
And be the happy couple
That we are meant to be.

Quote (promises and vows)

“If you asked me to state one thing which should be made a must for all humans, I would immediately say keeping one’s word, keeping one’s promises, respecting one’s pledges or vows. When we are baptised, we make baptismal promises. When we marry, we make marital vows. If we respected these promises or vows, who can imagine the type of world we would have? A wonderful world.” (Romilia Quotes)