Dirty language of walls by Ngobesing Suh Romanus

Who is still talking of
Building walls?
Such an idea is outdated;
Even infants know it;
That we build bridges
Not walls;
Try to be current, please;
You cannot live in the past;
The era for building walls
To keep people apart
Is long past;
Its an insult to God,
To look down on humans
Created by him
Please, no walls, bridges.
stop dirty language.
To talk of building bridges
Is talking dirty language.
Dirty language of walls.


The irony of walls

Walls, walls, walls!
We keep hearing
About walls;
What a hell of noise
We hear!
Save our ears from
This buzz;
Must we build walls?
Do walls bring people
Or set them apart?
Are they barriers
Or bridges?
And should the champions
Of freedom
The destruction
Or building of walls?
Its real irony!
The irony of walls!

No new Berlin Walls

Do you know about Berlin and the Berlin Wall?
Thank God that wall came down;
We need bridges to unite people,
Not walls to divide people;
Whoever wants to build a wall to divide a people,
Whoever the people may be and for whatever reason,
Wants to take the world to the wrong direction;
We shall accept no new Berlin walls that divide people;
We are for bridges that unite people!

Daily Chat Forum No 20 speak out!

The world is full of people
Who work hard to unite
Nations and people;
The world is full of people
Who work hard to divide
Nations and people;
The world is full of people
Who build bridges
To link people and nations;
The world is full of people
Who build walls
To separate people and nations.
What do you say about this?
Are you for those who unite
Or those who divide?
Are you for those who build bridges
Or those who build walls?
Speak out.

Build bridges not walls

A world of love must we build,
Not a world of hate;
Bridges to link people;
Not walls to separate them;
We are one;
And a united world we must build;
Not a divided world;
The time for tough talk, hate,
Division and discrimination
Is past and gone;
And now is the time to talk
Love and peace;
And the oneness of humanity;
No one can be more than all.
Going together we are better
Than when anyone goes alone;
The love and peace we enjoy
Are such precious commodities;
No one can be allowed
To jeopardize.
Give no chance to anyone
Who jeopardizes the love, peace
And unity of the world.