7 factors needed to win a war

To win a war, you need 7 factors:

  1. A good army;
  2. Good weapons
  3. Intelligent leaders;
  4. A good strategy
  5. Money ;
  6. Allies
  7. Support of the people.

Winning in life is similar to winning a war. What you need to win a war is the same you would need to win in life.

As a company, you need

  1. Competent staff (army)
  2. Quality products (weapons)
  3. Good Management (intelligent leadership)
  4. Good sales strategy (strategy)
  5. Capital ( money)
  6. Partners (allies)
  7. Market (people).

If all these are in place, you have a good chance of succeeding in life.


With Each Step

Beautiful dance
Was this love up to chance?
With each step
We learn more

Amidst the peace or war
We keep dancing
I love you
With each secret I kept

I feel your gaze
And I am amazed
I have known you for so long
We can trust holding each other close

I follow your toes
As bombs are going off
We move with such speed and grace
Even in the Good War, we belong

(C). Carly Wiggins 2018


assorted sliced fruits

Photo by Trang Doan on Pexels.com

You are so used to food;
Aren’t you?
Do you take it for granted?
Many people do?
It is so common;
Though hard for many to find.
As we see it on farms in abundance,
As we see it displayed in the market,
As we see it in restaurants;
As we see it in many places we go,
We tend to take it for granted;
But do you know?
Food is so powerful;
It gives life;
But also, it takes life;
Without food, there is no life;
But it is also the main reason
We fight and kill ourselves;
We want to have food to eat;
Since we need food to survive;
And so, we don’t want anyone
To stand on our way.
Some want more than they can eat,
Because greed eats them up inside.
They get their share
But still want to take
What should go to others;
And those who thus feel cheated
Fight for their right.
The greedy ones, however, will not
Let go;
And fighting becomes fierce;
Making food a reason to fight;
The cause of sadness
Instead of joy;
When greed kills justice;
And gives life to injustice;
Fighting and killing control the land;
When justice goes out through the door,
Peace follows through the window.
The two are identical twins;
Always together;
Injustice, fighting and killing
Are identical triplets;
You can’t differentiate them;
Always, like justice and peace,
They go together.

Master key to success

There’s a weapon you use
More than you are aware;
It is the key to the door
Of success;
It enables you to achieve
Whatever you want to achieve;
But you take it for granted;
Ignorantly, for sure;
The world is the way it is
Because of the way we use
This formidable weapon;
With it, we can do and undo;
With it, we can burn the whole world.
With it, we can build or destroy
It is everyone’s weapon;
We can use it to:
The one who masters how to use it,
Can use it to win hearts;
Can use it to generate hate;
Can use it to become rich;
Can use it to sell;
Can use it to persuade;
Can use it to comfort;
Can use it to make peace;
Can use it to start a war;
Can use it to put food on their table;
Can use it to get into relationship with God;
Can use it to get God to know their heart;
To know their needs;
To know their fears;
To know their worries;
To know their anxieties;
Who can name this amazing weapon?
It is a boundless weapon we call words.
It is the master key to the peace
We are yearning for in the world;
A master key to unity and harmony;
A master key to success.

Trouble is looming

If I tell you I am happy,
That would not be true;
I am not at all happy;
I have worries and fears;
Worries about the future;
I can’t say what is coming;
What looms in the air
Is frightful;
The sky is dark;
I see trouble blowing;
But I can’t say, for sure,
What kind of trouble it is;
Disaster hangs overhead
For everybody;
Death seems in the horizon;
I see shooting and killing;
I see war impending;
And what’s worse,
We cannot help ourselves.
We have become a helpless lot;
Who count on God alone;
Help us O Lord.
Without you we’re finished.

Why don’t we stop?

People of the world;
Why don’t we stop
And killing ourselves;
And instead
Live in peace
Like brothers and sisters?

Why don’t we stop
One another;
And love one another
As brothers and sisters?

Why don’t we stop
The world so unlivable
Instead of
Making it livable
For all of us?

Why don’t we stop
Making as if
We did not know
God intended the world
To be
An excellent place
For all?

Why don’t we stop
Tearing the world apart
Into pieces
Instead of uniting
All the people
Of the world to live
Like brothers and sisters?

My prayer for peace

I pray for peace O Lord,
That you may grant peace
To your children!
Your children are suffering;
Your children are fighting;
Your children are dying;
Your children are killing each other;
Hear my prayer, O Lord;
Touch our hearts;
Soften them;
Make us see the need to love
one another:
Replace hate with love;
War with peace;
Where there are differences,
Help us to find common ground.
Bring peace back to your land;
Let your servants know peace again;
This humble prayer
To you we send,

Opposite twins

The twin enemies;
Who go together;
Are opposite twins;
One is good;
The other is bad;
One is light;
The other is dark;
One brings peace;
The other brings war.
Do you know them?
Who are they?
I can tell you:
One is Love;
The other Hate;
Love and Hate;
Always together;
Travel side by side;
Are staunch enemies;
They never mix.
Permanently at war;
Fighting each other.
If Love goes,
The world will go;
If Hate goes,
The world will stay.
That is our world;
A love/hate world.

Stay clear of intolerance

Hello fellow blogger!
We must stay clear of intolerance;
I like what you wrote
About the matter;
Isn’t it sharper than
A sword?
More dangerous than rat poison;
See how it is sowing
The seeds of conflict;
Watering and fertilizing
Hate, and quarrels;
Threatening the peace;
And slowly wiping out
The entire human race;
Cause of unnecessary
And destructive wars:
An enemy to humanity.
Beware of intolerance;
Stay clear of intolerance;
Do not stand if you see
Intolerance approaching.

Inspiration for this poem was drawn from the post “An open letter to intolerance” by an ordinary girl with an extraordinary opinion, Justopinionated.