A call to prayer warriors no 3

Do you know there are people who are not free in their own country?

There are:

People who are on the run;

People who are underground;

Living in hiding;

People who have no hope to see

The end of this day;

Can you compose a short prayer for them;

Please, do and leave a copy in the comment box.

We appreciate your kindness and love for the suffering.

Blessings to you.


A call to prayer warriors no 2

Hello lovely friends,

On June 8, I made the first call to prayer warriors on this site.

Many thanks to all of you who prayed for that intention. We believe in prayers. We believe in the power of prayers. Please, pray without ceasing.

Storm heaven with your prayers. The world needs them.

Do well to send us the prayer you will pray for our present intention so that we may also pray it.

Prayer intention:

Pray for families that are hiving it hard with members and others.

May God’s mighty hand bring you peace!

Happy blogging!

A call to prayer warriors no 1

Prayer warriors , we need you to go into action. Our world needs your prayers.

Without prayers,we are finished. Every day, SIWO will put up a prayer intention for your prayers.

Please, move heaven with your prayers to save humanity from perdition.

Today’s prayer intention:

Pray for all fathers and mother’s (parents) in the world; that they may have the wisdom, courage, financial, material and spiritual resources to bring up their children in a way that they will be an asset and not a liability to the world.

May God never stop blessing all those who will respond to our prayer request!

Fight like a warrior

IMG_20151108_150946Even if you do not see light
At the end of the tunnel,
Keep on going;
Fight like a warrior;
As long as it’s you who decided
On the course to take,
Keep on going;
Fight like a warrior;
Even if you do not know
What awaits you at the next bend,
Keep on going;
Fight like a warrior;
If you will not come back
As a hero for your bravery,
Do not come back at all.
Fight like a warrior.