Glory and honour to God

God loves you;
God put you here
For a purpose;
And places opportunities
In front of you;
You must not waste
Your opportunities;
He has given you wings,
Don’t waste your wings;
He has given you talents;
Don’t waste your talents;
God did not give them
To you for nothing;
He did not give them
To you to waste;
God gave them to you
To use for your good
And that of others.
Make sure you do that;
Be encouraged
To use your blessings
For the right purpose
And you will bring glory
And honour
To God, the most High.


A mere waste

Uncertainty brings worry;
And worry is not good,
Though it is unavoidable,
However hard you try;
Of course, you can control
Or limit worry;
There is actually no reason
to worry;
That is the simple truth;
And a lot of the things
Go wrong when you worry;
Intriguingly, many things
You worry might happen
Never happen;
And you end up worrying
For nothing.
Worry then becomes
A mere waste of time
A mere waste of energy;
In short, a mere waste.

If you are wise, listen to this

Listen to me!
If you are wise,
Listen to what
I am telling you
You aren’t allowed to waste;
To waste is simply not allowed;
Don’t waste;
Don’t waste a day;
Don’t waste your time;
Don’t waste an opportunity;
Don’t waste your life.
Don’t waste your money;
Don’t waste your property;
Don’t waste your parent’s money;
Don’t waste anything;
You may never have it again.
You will regret if you waste.
Don’t have reason to regret.
If you are wise, listen!

Not tomorrow, now

If you are still young,

A great opportunity
Lies in your palms;
You have two options
Open to you:
Exploit the opportunity,
Or waste it;
One option
Will make you happy
And proud
All your life;
The other option
Will make you
The opportunity
In your hands is
To take a decision
To become somebody
To reckon with;
And to do
What you can
For this dream
To come true.
Will you exploit
Or waste
This opportunity?
It is a
Golden opportunity.
I want you to be
Happy tomorrow
Not sad;
I want you to be
Successful and proud.
Take the right decision
Not tomorrow, now;
To become exactly who
You were created to be.

I hate to see

I hate to see people
Wasting their lives;
I hate to see young people
Just idling around,
Doing nothing;
I hate to see lazy people;
I hate to see talent
Being wasted;
Or somebody with enormous
Potential wasting it.
I hate to see failure.
I hate to see someone killed:
Orsomeone maltreated;
Or brutalized;
Or tortured;
I hate to see it.
What about you?
What do you hate to see?