Modern times modern ways

Yesterday had its ways
And methods
Of solving it’s problems;
Today has its ways
And methods
Of solving it’s problems;
Most of yesterday’s ways
And methods
Will not solve today’s
We need today’s methods,
To solve today’s problems.
We use the methods
Of the day
To solve the problems
Of the day;
If you want to use
Ancient methods
To solve today’s problems,
You may find
They don’t work;
You may even hit your head
Against a stone wall.
Modern times, modern ways.

Are you interested in building a fortune?

Are you interested
In building a fortune?
If you are,
I congratulate you;
I am interested myself;
And it’s a good thing
To do;
A fortune is not a bad idea;
Build a fortune
If you can;
You will always have
Good use for it;
Look for ways
To build your fortune;
Do well
To build your fortune.
A fortune is not a bad thing;
A fortune is a good thing.

How to obtain desired results – Five actions to take.

Do you like to know what it takes to obtain desired results?

When it comes to what it takes to obtain desired results, I put learning somewhere around the top if not rght at the top of the list.

There may be some exceptions, but for a majority of people, there’s nothing you can do unless you learn how to do it.

Knowledge gives you power to do anything you like.

So, what ever you want to do, it is important to make sure you have the know-how which you get by learning.

The second thing is action. Go ahead and put that know-how to use.

If you use it well, nothing will stop you from obtaining the desired results.

Of course, this said, let me make a point clear. Bear in mind that what you want may not just come because you’ve done what you should do.

It may take a while to come. It may demand that you persist in your efforts. Thus, persistence will be point number 3.

The 4th point will be patience. If you have learned what it takes, you have applied that knowledge, and have persisted but do not have the desired results, be patient. In the patience factory, lots of things are manufactured.

There’s a fifth thing to do. This is so important indeed, that I deliberately decided to mention it last. Can you guess what it is?

Your guess is right if it is prayer. You labour in vain if you think you can do it all by yourself. Do not depend on yourself alone. Go on your knees and pray. Seek divine guidance; and this should come at the very start; before you even venture into what you want to do; and span it through out the whole period of your efforts.

If you take these five actions, you can be sure that nothing whatsoever, will stop you from obtaining the results you desire.

Change your results

The results we get will not change
Unless we change;
If we don’t change,
We will continue to do things
As we are doing them now;
And thus we will continue to get
The results
We are having now.
Change comes from change;
Change your ways
And change your outcomes.
But to change your ways,
You must change your attitude.
If you change your attitude;
You will change your ways,
And your outcomes
Or results will change.

New day new things

When a new day begins,
Let new things start;
Do not stick to old ways,
Except they bring the good you want.
Whatever fails to deliver,
Must be caste aside;
Stop hitting a rock
When nothing comes of it.
New day, new ways;
That’s the way to go,
In this world of ours.
Go for the ways
That will give results;
New day, new ways.