Take the road to Paradise

Take the road to Paradise;
If it is Paradise you seek,
Miss not your way;
If we want to go to heaven,
Take the road that leads there;
What is it most in life
You cherish?
Heavenly riches or
Earthly possessions?
Where sits your heart,
What is your priority;
Are you focused
On earthly wealth
Or on heavenly treasures?
That’s where sits your life;
On that foundation
On which you build
The edifice of your life,
Shall your life stand;
I shall build mine
On a bedrock.
The foundation
Of the Word of God;
I shall seek first,
The kingdom of God;
And can you guess what?
Eternity will be my reward;
“All these other things
Shall be added unto you”;
Thus, teaches the Bible.
When you seek God,
The King of the universe,
Surely you find;
And when you find God,
Abundantly, he rewards you.
No one seeks God
And does not find,
And no one who finds him
Ever goes empty handed.
The best choice to make,
Is to take the road
To Paradise.
It will be rough
With bumps and potholes;
But leads to the best
Anyone can ever desire:
God’s heavenly kingdom.


Who will save us?

I have some worries
That need answers
So urgent.

Tell me:
How can the world
Know peace,
When the rich keep
Exploiting the poor;
And the powerful keep
Trampling on the weak?
Can’t this stop?

Tell me:
How can the world
Know happiness
When everyday,
The rich grow richer
While the poor grow poorer?
Can’t we put an end
To this?

Tell me:
How can we talk of
A just world
When the rich
Swim in wealth,
While the poor
Wallow in poverty?
Cant we make things good
For everybody?

Tell me:
Is this how
God meant the world
To be?
Is this
The creator’s plan
For his world?

Who created
The greed we have in us?
The evil prevailing?
The wickedness that fills
Many human hearts?

And how do we free
The world of all the evil
When it is growing
By leaps and bounds?

I fear for the world;
I fear what lies ahead;
Disaster, I clearly see;
Hate is about
To overthrow love;
Evil is overpowering good,
And violence and war
Are taking full control
Of the world,
Putting peace out of work;
Who will not nurse fears?
Who will not be worried
About the future of our
The road to destruction
Is being widened
And smoothened;
Who will save us?
That is the question.

Quotes (Money)

“Have you ever understood why for many people money is so hard to get? To my understanding, those who have a lot of money or are in positions of power have deliberately made it difficult for money to get into the hands of every person. They want to keep on enjoying a monopoly of the wealth of the world. They set the rules governing wealth to favour them.
However, it is hard to kill the talent of some people. Hard as it may be, there are still many poor people who work their way to the top of the financial ladder.” (Romilia Quotes)

SIWO Business Project Day 2

Today, we continue our business project. Do you recall where we were lastly? We were on SIWO Business Project Day 1. We are now on day 2. You are welcome!
Let us get an expert to tell us how to start a drop shipping business.
I hope you enjoy this post and that we are making progress together towards starting our own drop shipping business. It really sounds appetizing.
Until our next stop, cheers!


What are you Money?
What is the sectet of
Your power?
When some people hear
Your name,
They take up their heads;
Even in their sick beds;
You are good;
But much evil is done
Because of you;
Then I get confused;
Finally, are you good or bad?
You seem to love evil people
More than good people;
I see you go to evil people freely,
They make you their friend,
But you have no time
For good people;
Is that true or false?
Tell us the truth;
Why is so much evil done
Because of you?
And what can we do about it?
And how do we make you our friend?
We love your friendship;
Shall we be friends?

Where is Treasure Island?

photography of one us dollar banknotes

Photo by Burst on Pexels.com

Looking for Tresure Island;
The land that is full of treasure;
Where is Treasure Island?
Who knows its location?
I want to go to Treasure Island;
I want to get some treasure;
Which is found on Treasure Island.
If you know where this Island is found,
Do me the favor to take me there;
Take me to Treasure Island.