Week well spent

I don’t know
How your week
Has been,
But for me,
It is a week well spent;
And that is how
A week should be.
Never waste your week;
Never let it go for nothing;
Make the most of
Every week;
Every day;
Every hour
And why not minute
Or second.
Make this week
A week well spent.


New many things (Be inspired today 398 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

When a new week begins,
Let it come with
New dreams;
New plans and new ways;
Let it come with
New results as well;
If the old ways don’t work,
Know what you must do
With them;
Put them aside;
And when you leave them behind;
Forge ahead;
They belong to the past.
Carry along only what works;
No use carrying along
What does not work;
Generally, every new week
Should come with new many things.

First full week

Look at the blue sky;
This is the first full week
Of 2019;
It is a week that looks
So special for me;
What do you carry
In your bag
For me, first full week?
You cannot come empty?
Like an irresponsible
See how bright you are;
You cannot look that
For nothing;
Open your traveling bag
And pull out
What’s in it for me;
Many precious things
I imagine;
You have a caring heart;
We call this new year;
Everything has to be new
Or renewed;
You need a new heart;
That’s clean and pure.
New plans;
And new methods
To carry out your plans.
Thank you for being here.
And for everything
That is new.

Ending and beginning

Another day,
Another week;
A day has ended;
Another begins;
A chapter has ended;
Another begins;
A life has ended;
Another begins;
One thing ends
Another one begins;
Such is life.
We begin,
And we end;
Some end;
And some begin;
Here begins
Another day;
And another week;
And beginning;
And ending.
Thus, goes
The cycle of life.
People go;
People come.

Welcome New Week 7th Week

Thank you Monday for coming to this lovely reader!
Thank you Sunday for handing over the command baton
To this nice Monday!
Thank you Supreme Controller for giving this reader
This week!
Thank you lovely journey-companions for remaining
My sweet companion this nice week!

May it be a great week for you!
May showers of blessings ever pour on you!
May you and I always journey together!
May nothing ever separate us!
May our bonds of friendship keep growing!
May this week be our best week so far as friends!
May your smiles increase this week!
May they add to your already glowing charm!

Welcome New Week 5th Week

How was you week end? I hope it was hectic. Or you might have had a difficult week-end as I did with my blogging. I had a connection problem Saturday and Sunday. I am happy to be reconnected with all my fellow bloggers.

I welcome the new week and hope it will produce abundantly both for you and for me.

What are your aspirations for the week? I hope you realize all of them.

Happy blogging!
Happy week!