A blogger to know

YesterdayAfter is a blog I would love to invite you to visit and meet the brain behind it. I will tell you why.

The web space in question is a unique environment through which the author wishes to “touch your soul with our One-of-a kind creations” and to let her creativity “inspire you in your daily life.”

The brain behind YesterdayAfter is a radiant soul, Carolina Russo; and if you ask me who she is, I have no difficulty telling you.

Carolina’s gleaming beauty is the first attraction that hits your vision when you visit her site and read her ‘About page’. But far beyond that sweet face is a tender loving heart.

Ask me how I know this. I have trailed Carolina’s language journey on her site, my site and other sites and I find no thread of doubt in my mind that the shiny smile on her face mirrors a deep-rooted peace and compassion.

I first met Carolina in a post, When bloggership meet, we did, which she published on her site in November 2015. It was a lovely piece that featured her, her bosom friends, Erika Kind,(my sweet friend) Corinne and Marissa Bergen when they met in California. Ever since Carolina has been a force on my web activity Solidarity Support Challenge, and comes through as someone you can fully trust.

I am inviting you to visit Carolina’s site but much more than that, to support what she is doing so that she may be more empowered to continue to be a blessing to those she finds on her path. Here, you will find YesterdayAfter.