You are here for a purpose


Your purpose hereDo you know your purpose?

You are here for a purpose.

You aren’t  here by mistake.

You are here by God’s design;

The product of his divine wisdom;

Put here for a mission;

A mission that none else can accomplish.

Get hold of your purpose

That you may do the will of He that put you here.

Dreams of Riches

Everyday millions of people around the world, if not more, dream of riches. They want to be rich and enjoy the things that riches bring. They admire and perhaps envy those who are rich and swim in wealth.

Many of these dreams end up being shattered. Only a few become rich.

Why are riches so difficult to come by? What is the secret of riches?

What would you tell a young person who comes to you seeking advice on how to become rich in this world?

Our story

Once upon a time, birds got to a new forest to settle.  The young birds settled on  the fresh trees with many leaves and pushed the old bird to settle on the dry tree that had no fresh leaves. They were happy and laughed at the old bird for settling on a tree with no eaves.

The old bird told them, “we must wait and see who is luckier in the end.”

The young birds laughed and said they were the luckier ones.

One day, the woodcutters came to cut down the for plank. They cut down all the fresh trees on which the young birds had settled destroying all the nests.

Considering that the dry tree on which the old bird had settled was of no use left it alone. The old bird’s nest was saved.

The young birds then understood that what an old man can see sitting down, a young man cannot see standing on the tallest tree.

Young people must listen to their parents and treat them with love and care. Do not say that your parents are old and of no use to you. If you wave their wisdom aside and proudly do what you like you are heading for doom.

Thoughts to ponder

The most successful people in the world are not those who sit and wait for opportunities to be tossed at them; but those who create their own opportunities as they journey through life.


The kid of people who surround you and the kind of people you most interact with determine the what you become and the kind of life you live.

Do you worry about what has happened and what may happen? One thing to know about worrying is it does not solve a problem. Instead, it can make a situation worse.

Little drops of water make a mighty ocean. That is why every step that you take in life counts. Step by step, a journey of one thousand kilometers is accomplished.Follow WORLD YOUTH RALLY  on Facebook

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