SIWO Weekly Creative Writing Trigger 1

Hello friends!

Many of you know about the Weekly writing Trigger here on SIWO that used to go during the weekends.

It went off for a while but is coming back more powerfully.

This time we shall call it SIWO Weekly Creative Writing Trigger.

The trigger will challenge you to write a post during the week end starting on Friday evening.

When you finish writing, you shall share the link in the comment box here. That will enable the rest of the community to visit, read, like and comment.

This week’s Trigger: Fake news

Happy blogging!

New Bloggers Weekly Meet

A you a new blogger? Did you recently create a blog or have a blog that’s been running for just about a year or less?

New Bloggers’ Weekly Meet is your opportunity to meet and draw strength from one another.  An error never to make in life  is to try to go alone. When you journey as team, you generate and draw a lot of energy from one another.

Here, you shall be guided and provided opportunities to draw strength from solidarity power.

Give your name, blog title and Url in the comment box below. Say how you find this idea and if you are in or out.

The only rule here is meet once a week as a blogging group to exchange ideas and support one another.

Are you in this or out?

SIWO Weekly Writing Trigger 1

Hello friends, we have revived the Weekly Writing Trigger on SIWO. This trigger challenges you to write during the week end.

When you finish writing, share the link to your post in the comment box so that others will easily find, read, like and comment on it.

Spend your week-ends in community sharing with SIWO Weekly Writing Trigger.

Find your trigger every Friday evening and write.

This week’s trigger. Negative Reporting

This will thrill you: REGISTER NOW!

Our Challenges want to take your blog to a different level. Tell us:

Are you in or out?

We have worked out how to make the Weekly Blog Review Challenge a most thrilling activity. Never forget dear friend, that our heart’s desire is seeking the best for everybody. We want to see everyone we come across a happy, joyous, and successful person, making the most of their opportunities and talents.

Now that the Solidarity Support Challenge and the How was your day today challenge are going on smoothly and much enjoyed by those who participate in it, we  turn our attention to the Weekly blog Review Challenge to organize it. You will love and enjoy this challenge.

You can take part in all the challenges. So do not have any hesitation to register for this challenge if you are doing the other two.

You can already register. We’ll publish details of how this challenge will run. Have no fear that it will be time consuming because it will not be.

To register:

  1. Write your name in the comment box.
  2. Add the words “I am in”.
  3. Add your blog Url or address.
  4. Please, check to make sure your blog address is correct.

We love you

Weekly Blog Review Challenge


Serious  business to begin soon, after participants have registered. The rules are very simple.

Register in the comment box:

Give your name

Say “I am in” or ‘register me”.

Add your blog address or Url.

You can also register here: