New leader for the Church

The newly appointed administrator for the diocese of Buea, Bishop Michael Bibi, arrived in his new diocese on Thursday January 2, 2020.

The young Bishop replaces Bishop Emmanuel Bushu who has taken his retirement after 13 years as Bishop.

I was part of the delegation of some twenty persons who accompanied the new Bishop.

At a bridge at the gateway to the diocese, there was a mammoth crowd of Christians waiting for their new Shepherd.

As soon as the convoy arrived, they burst into singing and dancing.

When he came out of his car, there was euphoria in the air. Singing and dancing rose to a frenzy.

Neither the bishop nor those of us who accompanied him had expected this. It was moving.

Overjoyed, the new Apostolic administrator started hugging whoever he could reach. At one point, the protocol had to step in for the journey to continue.

As we drove to the Cathedral, there were as many stops on the way as there were mission stations and Parishes and even some small Christian communities.

The Bishop stopped often to hug the excited and anxious Christians. At one place, I saw a security guard running after the Bishop’s car, shouting that the bishop should bless him. When the bishop noticed it, he asked the driver to stop and he blessed the man, making his day.

The climax was in the Cathedral where there was benediction followed by speeches. The first to speak was the laity council representative who eloquently expressed the joy of the Christians. Then the Bishop himself who thanked the people for their warm reception and said he was counting on all for their contribution to build the diocese.

From the look of things, the entire diocese is very happy with their new leader. There is no doubt that they will work so well. For one thing, the new Apostolic leader, Bishop Michael Bibi is a very likeable person, very nice to work with. He has time for everybody, parents and children inclusive just like the haves and the haves not.

He displayed this quality when he was the Director of Maryvale institute. He brought in many priests. And as the auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Bamenda, he went to the remotest areas, shared time with the young and the old.

We call on all our readers to put this young, dynamic, competent and committed Bishop in prayers.


Welcome my success

Warm welcome to you, success.
You have come
Sooner than expected;
I never could have imagined,
You were right
At the corner, waging your tail,
Like a faithful dog;
Not further away from me
Than my eyes from each other;
What a joy to know!
Soon, you will enter the house;
You will be home;
And you will be mine;
Never more to part from me.
Welcome home, my success.

Welcome New Month!

October is now history,
November, now reigning;
Good bye October!
And November, welcome
To the throne!
Gratitude to you October,
For you were good,
Though you brought heat
Into the house;
At times, scorching heat;
We hope your successor
Will do better for us;
Don’t burn us, November;
Give us normal temperature;
We aren’t ready
For any more burning heat.
Again, welcome November!
Welcome, new month!

We are happy we are helping bloggers

We like to welcome our new author Tanusri Sen. He is such a talented blogger. From him, we got this testimony today:

“I am also happy in publishing in your site. I am feeling great as my writings have got 100 likes within a day whereas same writings have got 5-6 likes in my site.

It is very nice to write in your site.

Tanusri Sen”

Our hearts glow each time we get this kind of message from our author. Our mission is to help others succeed; to put smiles on people’s faces; to make them shine; to make people happy. We appreciate when people give us the opportunity to help them shine.

If you are not yet publishing on SIWO, please, start today. You will be amazed by the boost in your stats.

You are welcome.

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Welcome sweet November

Welcome dear November;
I hope nice things
You have for us;
Please, bring us many things;
Bring us smiles;
Bring us joy;
Bring us prosperity;
Bring us success;
Bring us an addition of good;
And a subtraction of bad;
A multiplication of success,
And a reduction of failure;
Bring us good;
Pave a good way for December;
Be our John the Baptist;
Christ is waiting at the corner.
Christmas will soon be here.
Thank you, November;
You have come ahead,
To pave the way
For a smooth ride for Christmas.

Welcome Renata!

close up of human hand

Photo by Pixabay on

Hi all! My name is Renata and I hail from southern New Jersey. I recently started my blog to really talk about my life experience navigating through my twenties. I post weekly mostly about my opinions on things and other wonderful relatable nonsense. Buffalo Sauce is my favorite food (seriously, other foods are just a vehicle for me to eat it at this point). I usually joke when people ask about my blog title and say that it’s “the answer to an unspoken question” (you’ll see in a second). I love the Myers-Briggs and I’m an ENTP. I’m sure that this will come up plenty of times in my writing! I started this blog because I consider people and words to be my two passions, so helping others through my writing is the bees knees. Translating from French to English is also fun too!

If you’d care to check out my blog and share it, I would really appreciate it.

I’ve been keeping up with this blog and love what I’ve read so far. Keep on keeping on!

Do you welcome help?

Who will hold my hand
And pull me up?
I welcome help;
Do you welcome help?
Some people welcome help;
Some people reject help;
They want to do everything
By themselves;
Who can do everything
By themselves?
You can do some things
By yourself;
You cannot do all things
By yourself;
We all need help
From time to time;
And when you need help,
Ask for it;
When others offer you help,
Welcome it.
No one is born to live alone;
On one another, we depend.
Welcome help.

Welcome to Sunday Morning

Welcome to Sunday morning;
If you are like me,
This is a special morning;
I pray it should be
A great morning for you;
I know it will be for me;
Once again, I say,
Welcome to Sunday morning.
Have a good morning
With the Lord;
And let your day be great.
May your star shine
So brightly this Sunday;
And ever after!
Welcome to Sunday morning!

A hearty welcome!

Hello friends!

On your behalf, I very heartily welcome Peter Adewumi into the Editorial team of Success Inspirers’ World. Peter joined us today with a thrilling post which you can find here. We thank Peter for joining the team and wish him joy as he journeys in this community.

Peter is a very inspiring blogger whose company you surely will enjoy.

You may be surprised that we are welcoming him, a thing we did not do with others. Don’t forget we are on the move on this site, learning and growing tougher and tougher everyday. From now on we will welcome all our new team members.

I call on all of you of this community to like this post and congratulate Peter on taking the wise decision to join this lively team.

Thanks to you all and plenty of love.