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Word of the day 8 Win (by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Win today,
Win everyday;
Win in the morning;
Win when you get out of bed;
Win in the day;
Win in the evening;
Win at night;
Win all the time;
Win the battles you fight.

Are you resolved to win?
Be determined to win.
Make sure that you win.
Do not play to lose;
Play to win.
There’s joy when you win.
Win and win and win;
You are a winner;
You are a champion;
You are born to win;

If you want to win

If you are not winning,
But want to win,
Quit the losers’ bench
On which you are sitting,
And take a seat
On the winners’ bench;
Discard the loser’s mindset
Which is bringing you failure,
And adopt the winner’s mindset;
Stop talking like a loser;
And talk like a winner.
Quit the loser’s attitude,
And adopt the winner’s attitude.
Do these things
And you will win.

Ten Best Authors’ Award 2019

Win while you blog

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Win while you blog

7 factors needed to win a war

To win a war, you need 7 factors:

  1. A good army;
  2. Good weapons
  3. Intelligent leaders;
  4. A good strategy
  5. Money ;
  6. Allies
  7. Support of the people.

Winning in life is similar to winning a war. What you need to win a war is the same you would need to win in life.

As a company, you need

  1. Competent staff (army)
  2. Quality products (weapons)
  3. Good Management (intelligent leadership)
  4. Good sales strategy (strategy)
  5. Capital ( money)
  6. Partners (allies)
  7. Market (people).

If all these are in place, you have a good chance of succeeding in life.

Thoughts from wisdom bag

If you start to fight,
And you are not ready
To fight till you win;
It means
You will either surrender,
Or you will be defeated.
Never start a fight
Which you know
You have no chance to win;
You will incur losses
For nothing;
And it will be suicide;
Also, not all victory
Is worth it:
Pyrrhic victory is not
Much better than defeat.
The cost of victory
Should not be too high,
Otherwise it becomes
A senseless endeavor.
That explains why
You must draw your chair,
Sit down,
Take your calculator
And work out your maths.
These are random thoughts
From my wisdom bag.
Waiting for
Your wise response if any.