Good Night Titters! #Jan25


Are you a solution or a problem?

What are you?
Are you a solution
Or a problem?
What are you?
Are you a problem
Or a solution?
What are you?
Are you a winner
Or a loser?
What are you?
Are you a builder
Or a destroyer?
It is important
To stop from time
To time,
To ask yourself
These questions.
It is better to be
A solution than
To be a problem;
It is better to be
A builder than
To be a destroyer;
It is better to be
A winner, than
To be a loser;
It is better to be
Positive than
To be negative.
It is better to be
A solution
To our problem;
Than to be a problem
Needing a solution.

You must always choose like a winner

If you don’t choose like a winner, you cannot be a winner.

People choose like losers but want to win. It’s not possible.

They are probably not aware of the importance of the choices they make or that are made for them.

Are you aware that you are the product of the sum of all the choices that have been made for you and that you have made since you were born?

That is a fact which we all need to know.

Every choice that you make or that is made for you, either makes you a little, or mars you a little.

No choice that you make or that is made for you leaves you in the same position. It either takes you a little towards success or a little towards failure.

At the end of the day, your life reflects your choices. If you make more wise choices than unwise choices, your life will be successful.

If you make more foolish choices than wise choices, your life will be a failure.

This means that you must not make choices in life haphazardly. Give careful thought to the choices you make.

Make sure they are choices that enhance good not evil; that build not destroy; that bring happiness not sorrow.

The world is experiencing so much sorrow because of the wrong, evil choices that many of us make. We choose to carry out wrong actions and the result is suffering for ourselves or some others; and sometimes for ourselves and others.

If you have not been giving careful thought to the choices that you have been making, you better turn over a new leaf and start doing so from today if you want to succeed.

If you do this, you will avoid many of the pitfalls that can cause your downfall.

As a take-home, always choose like a winner not a loser so as to become a winner or to confirm your position as a winner.

Which look do you have?

Of these two looks,
The winner’s look,
And the loser’s look,
Which do you have?
Do you look
Like a somebody,
Or like a nobody?
Do you look confident
Or timid?
Do you look like
A courageous person
Or a coward?
Do you look like
A success
Or a failure?
Do you look like
A happy person
Or a sad person?
Your looks matter;
Take care of them.
If you have
A loser’s look,
None will respect you.
The winners look
Will earn you respect.

Do you know what is ahead for you?

Do you know or guess what is
Ahead for you in this world?
Who can boast they know?
I do not;
Some have greater things
Than they can imagine;
Isn’t it great to believe
Something incredible
Awaits you?
And it might just be so.
Truth is
Awe-inspiring achievements
Are lined up for tomorrow
All over the world;
And hard to know
Who will be their authors;
One of them
Could well be you.
Big possibility;
Don’t undermine God’s plan
For your own life.
No one knows God’s logic;
If he decides to put you on top;
To let your team carry the trophy,
Who can dare counter him?
Just keep doing your best;
And hoping for the best.
It’s possible to have a big
Pleasant surprise;
Having the world stand up
To salute you.
Hahaha haha!πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ‘

SIWO Founder’s Award To 10 Best Authors

SIWO has instituted a SIWO Founder’s Award for authors on SIWO. It is called

“SIWO Founder’s 10 Best Authors’ Award”

This award is to reward the most hard working and brilliant authors who publish on SIWO.

It shall be a yearly award.

The winners will be announced at the end of December or early January.

Each winner shall be given a certificate which they can display on their site.

Good luck to all our authors.

Thinking like a winner

“I have learned that winning takes thinking like a winner. Where the loser sees darkness and complains, the winner sees an opportunity for creativity, if not to have light, to cope happily without light, or to get something beneficial from the darkness. He doesn’t spend precious time complaining or grumbling about the darkness.” (Romilia quotes)

If your road is rough

If your road is rough,
You are not alone;
My road has been rough;
Filled with many storms;
I had a tough time
To find my way through;
But thank God for that;
A big lesson I got to learn;
Today, I am strong;
And stand on my legs;
Will always stand my ground;
Whether or not the wind
Is strong,
Firmly, I will stand;
And if the storm becomes
Too strong,
Flat down, will I go;
And with a jump
To bounce back,
When the storm is gone;
If, like mine, your road
Is rough,
Do not attempt to give up;
You must remain strong;
And hold fast to what
You’re doing;
Soon the storm will pass.
And tall and strong
You must stand.
You are not quitter material;
You are champion stuff.
If your road is rough,
You are champion stuff.

Legends or superstars

Who are the legends?

Who are the superstars?
Why are they legends
Or superstars?
Have you ever thought
That you were born to be
A legend? A superstar?
If you think you were born
To fail,
I tell you straight,
You are wrong.
If you think you were born
To win,
I tell you straight,
You are right.
If you doubt,
Let me repeat to you;
You are meant to be a champion;
A legend; a superstar;
Did you get that?
In fact, I am convinced
You can be a superstar.
That is what we are
all meant to be;
You are meant to be a legend;
If you sell yourself short
And waste your life,
That’s your fault.
I am not going to waste mine.
I am going ahead to be
A superstar; a legend.
I challenge you to be
Determined like me.
You will see the wonders
You will do;
You will become a superstar;
A real legend.

Early in the morning

Early in the morning,
In the early hours
Of the day,
I recommend to you,
To do well
To start your day;
That is
You start your day
On a good footing;
A sign so positive
You know
Where you want to go;
You are confident
Of where you want
To go,
Above all,
You are determined;
You strongly want
To get to
Your destination.
Jump briskly out of bed;
And briskly get on board
Your day’s train;
The day, in open arms,
Awaits you;
Full of the beautiful
And the ugly;
Both beckoning at you;
Bracing to grip you
If, the least sign
Of consent you make.
Will you thus,
Start early?
You enhance your chance
To arrive early.
A strategy so full
Of wisdom.
Can only come
From someone who is
Bound to win.
That is the winners’ way;
An attitude
The winners jealously guard.