Who is best for America and the world?

Four serious candidates remain in the race for the White House in the USA. Two of them shall compete in November and one of the two is expected to be the next occupant of the White House.

Many American voters are already decided on who they will vote for in November. That is if the person shall be on the ballot.

But anyone who believes strongly in a candidate will not only wait for November to vote for them. There are lots of ways to support a candidate and propel them to victory. One very useful way is to talk to as many people as possible in favor of that candidate. One good thing well said about a candidate can be enough to convince many voters to vote for that candidate.

Therefore, if you have a candidate you would love to see as next boss of the White House, try to win one or more person for that candidate. Tell the world why you think that person is the best candidate.

Is it Hillary, Trump, Sanders or Cruz? What do you have to back up your stand. What makes you think this candidate is the best person to become the President of the US in November?


U.S Presidential election: who is the strongest candidate?

The race for the White House in the world’s leading democracy is on. Can you answer any of our questions ? See how many you can answer.
1. Who is interested?

2. Who has seen the writing on the wall?

3. What does the writing on the wall say?

4. Will it be a Democrat or a Republican?

5.  Will it be a woman this time around or still a man?

6.  Did Hillary Clinton come out stronger or weaker from the Benghazi House Committee questioning?

7. If the election were to take place today, who would win?

Please, if you are informed, kindly enlighten those who are not.

What matters

Quotes from my writings:

“Where you are matters; but where you will be matters more.
Where you start matters; but where you will end matters more.”


“It is at the end of the race that we know who the winner is.
It is not at the start. If you are winning at the start, do not consider yourself the winner until you cross the winning line.”

Kindly let me know what you think.

Last minute winning goal

If you’ve crossed the half century line in age,
And someone tells you you’re too old
To still score a goal,
Tell them they know not what they say;
That you have a last minute
Winning goal to score.
Having said that,
Go ahead and score it and win.
A lot of outstanding victories
In the world are won
Through a last minute
Let no one say
It’s too late for you to score
The winning goal of the match;
As you’ve always dreamed to do;
If you keep on doing as you are doing.
That golden winning goal,
You will score in a spectacular way;
Of that, I am sure.

Be a fighter be a winner

Are you a fighter?

If you are not a fighter, forget it. Show me a fighter and I will show you somebody whose success is irreversible. Show me someone who lacks a fighting spirit, and I will show you somebody who will go nowhere.

Do you know why Serena Williams is such a huge success? Because she is a fighter.  She says it:

“I’ve always been a fighter and I’ve always fought through things my whole life.” 

She is not the only one who fights her way through life. Most, if not all, successful people are fighters. They do not go about hitting people here and there; but they are fighters; real fighters. They fight for victory. They fight to win. They fight to succeed in business.

How do you see your life at this moment? Is it the way you like it to be? Are you satisfied with the way things are moving for you? If you are not, become a fighter; and one day you will make it.

However difficult the going maybe, be a fighter and fight on. Do not become discouraged. Do not give up. Do not stop struggling.

Be  a fighter.

A fighter is strong; determined, courageous, hard working and focused… R.A. Salvatore was a fighter.

These are his words:

“I’ve always been a fighter. If you tell me I can’t, I’ll die trying to prove you wrong.”

This is a winner. This is the winning spirit. The fighting spirit is the winning spirit.

Be a fighter be a winner.