You decide for yourself

Winners also fall;
But to fall is not as bad
As you may think;
If it happens that you fall,
Make no issue of it at all;
You will neither be the first,
Nor the last one to fall;
Millions before, I know, already
Have fallen, and flatly too;
From the top of the hill,
To its bottom, people have fallen;
And severely injured themselves
Millions more, will fall;
From the top to the bottom,
They will fall;
Be sure, falling will never stop;
It’s an intergral part of life;
And like that it will be
For a long time to come;
If not till the end of time;
Call it eternity;
If you happen to fall,
Which is nobody’s wish,
Even to rock bottom,
Thank God for it;
It’s a blessing in disguise;
An opportunity to get
Stronger than before;
And start again to climb;
If you hit rock bottom,
It means you are done with that fall,
You cannot fall again;
From there, you can only climb;
If you fall,
The choice is yours to take;
Either you get up,
Dust yourself and continue
To where you are going,
Which is the winning spirit,
Or you lie there,
Crying like a baby;
Only losers stay down forever,
When they fall;
And only they cry about
As if they were the first to fall;
Such are appropriately called,
Cry babies;
All the winners I know, immediately jump up
When they fall,
And start their business afresh;
And keep on going
On track
Till they get to where
They want to go.
That is the difference
Between winners and losers;
Will you be a loser or a winner?
You alone will decide.
Nobody can decide for you.
Nobody decides for another.
You decide for yourself.


We are so close

We are so close
To the D-day;
We are so close
To our destination;
We are so close
To the end,
And can’t
Be discouraged;
We’re long past
The time
To be discouraged;
We are at
The winning point;
Only a fool
Will give up here;
At the winning point,
When the trophy
Is at arms reach.
You have to persevere,
And cross the line;
And carry the trophy.
Indeed, you are close;
So close.

Picking up signs

Every time you see
Pick-up signs
Staring at you
After you have been
Rolling down the hill,
Give thanks to God
And push on;
Don’t relent
In your effort,
To reach
The point of victory;
Where the golden crown
Waiting for a brave winner.
If you relent,
You may start
The downward journey again;
Focus always
On the prize;
That is the secret ol
Of the win;
Keep journeying to it;
Till you carry it home.
The more pick up signs
You see,
The better for you.
The journey is never easy;
Stay positve,
Whatever happens;
Let it never leave
Your mind
That no night lasts
For ever.
Night comes, night goes;
Same like
No matter how bright
The day may be,
It cannot last for ever.
The trick is
Always keep hope alive.
And welcome
Every pick up sign.

NC Thoughts 7.10.19

I am so blessed to work as an Administrative Assistant for a local church. They aren’t just a church. They hold a yearly literacy program for Primary students! They also have summer Vacation Bible school and a pre-school throughout the school year.

Coming from the corporate world, I am awestruck by the positive atmosphere that these young children help create.

I don’t feel my new job is a pain, I embrace it’s refreshing atmosphere with open arms.

I am simply amazed at the difference. I hope that more people can/could experience positivity in their jobs.

Here’s to more individuals having the freedom to be happy at their “day” jobs.

Kind Regards

And #winning – K

The Cardinal 6.22.19

Spring was making it’s comeback

When a few weeks ago he appeared,

Just as dusk surrounded the eve,

Suddenly I got the oddest feeling

Like someone, literally was staring at me.

I seemed drawn to peer out my window

There I saw gently perched upon a branch, 

A cardinal dressed in bright red.

He wasn’t checking out his surroundings

But looking at me instead. 

I didn’t feel startled but calmness and peace.

Was he bringing me some sort of message?

And though I had heard tales of such, 

Of the appearance of loved ones lost, 

Until then, I hadn’t believed all that much.

Every fair weather evening since, 

I am drawn to look out that same way.

Often he is there and then he is gone,

Though I have never seen him depart.

But there just seems to be a familiarity about him

He, like my dad, leaves the echo of a sweet little tune

That continues to play in my heart.


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