Don’t wear your problem like a garment. #May27


Be inspired today 34 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus

Let God fight on your side

My victory is sure;
Not because
I am more brilliant
Than anyone,
Not because
I am more capable
Than anyone,
But because
God is fighting
On my side;
I have allowed God
To fight
On my side.
When you give God
A chance to fight
On your side,
You emerge victorious;
They always win
For whom God fights.
Give God a chance
To fight
On your side;
And your victory will
Be guaranteed.

The deeper the better

Don’t fish on the surface;
Except your target is
Small fishes;
The big ones
Don’t stay long at the surface;
They go deep underneath the sea,
And you get them
Only when you cast your net deep.
Hence, the deeper, the better.
Light work, light results;
If you want the champion’s title,
You don’t fear the blisters;
Always, there’s a price to pay.
Pay it and carry the trophy;
The deeper, the better.