Quote (winter)

“Every year has its winter. Every life has not one winter but many winters. These winters offer the opportunity for good planning for the future. Rather than complain and become disgruntled, use them to make solid plans for the future.” (Romilia Quotes)



img_20161021_161411No picture can truly capture the essence of the world around us. Every speck of dirt and every fallen leaf conveys to us the life that is all around us. So, take a moment to enjoy the beauty.


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Summer isn’t over

Did someone say the autumn season is upon us?

That sounds rather  heavy, I prefer,

“The summer is soon turning into autumn.”

I suppose whichever way you say it,

The four seasons will follow one another,

Spring, summer, autumn and winter,

In other parts of the world,

Dry season follows rainy season,

Each individual has their favourite one,

We must not take it to heart,

And wonder why, because

Each season creates happiness for many,

So what more can we ask for?

Just appreciate what God has made beautifully.

Summers and winters

When the summers of my life come;
I thank God with all my heart,
And celebrate them with joy;
But I do not forget the winters;
On the other side of every summer
Is a winter;
On the other side of every winter
Is summer;
Every society has its summers
And its winters;
Every life has its summers
And its winters.
While you enjoy the summer,
Prepare for the winter;
And as you go through the ordeal
Of winter;
Know it wouldn’t be long when
Summer will show its lovely head.


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