Words of encouragement

I encourage you to be
A Solomon;
To think and act like
The wisest king of old;
I don’t like you to lose;
Losing is not meant for you;
I love you get the best;
You excel;
You shine;
Like the brightest star
In the sky;
That will spread a broad smile
On my face;
If you know what to do,
And know its your duty,
Do it;
And do it well.
The voice of action
Sounds louder
Than the voice of words;
Stop waiting for someone
Who will never come;
Are you waiting for angels?
Or the saints?
If you must wait for anyone,
Wait for God your Creator;
To Him alone you must turn;
And to Him alone, give ear;
He will tell you what to do
Not in a shout, in a wisper;
Soundless voice so clear;
And distinct;
A melody so sweet
On the tongue of your ear;
Pay attention to him;
And follow what he says;
That is wisdom;
The wisdom of Solomon,
Straight from heaven;
He will lead and guide you
To a joy you never knew.
I encourage you,
As you seek your way
To the topmost rung
Of the ladder of life.


Prayer for a successful day

Almighty God, whose power
Has no limit,
We pray O Lord
For a successful day;

We pray for courage
To face the tough challenges
Of today.

Grant us the wisdom we need
To successfully sail through
All the stormy waters.

Help us to know and do
All that is required of us
And not to shy away
From our responsibilities.

Be a light to our path
During the dark moments
Of this day.

Be the source of our strength,
When our feet begin to fail us
And we can no longer walk.

May your word energize us
Every step of our journey!

May we have reason to boast
To our enemies about
The power of the God we worship.

Make us a source of inspiration
To many who do not know you
To seek and find you.

We make our prayer
Through Christ our Lord,

No matter – God is supreme

No matter how good you may be,
Not everybody will like you;
Some will not want to see you.

No matter how excellent your work may be
Not everybody will appreciate it;
Some will condemn it.

No matter how heavily the rainfall may be,
The drops cannot touch all the leaves of a big tree.

No matter how short a distance may be,
You cannot reach your destination by sitting on the spot.

No matter how delicious goat meat may be,
It cannot become cow meat.

No matter how intelligent you may be
You cannot pass an exam
That you have not sat for.

No matter how fast your car may be,
It cannot become an aeroplane.

No matter how holy you may be,
You cannot go to heaven
Without passing through
the door of death.

No matter how rich
You may be,
You cannot buy a woman’s heart;
You can only buy her company.

No matter your intellectual prowess,
You cannot know all the secrets of life;
They are best known only to God.

Today’s morning prayer 35

O Lord, our God,
As I start a new day,
I thank you for such
A wonderful blessing;
I pray you to look into
The difficulties
I am facing
At this moment;
And that I will face
Throughout this day;
I put all my plans
In your hands;
Lead me to the right decisions;
Take me down
The right path;
Equip me with the wisdom
I need to deliver
Excellent goods
In your vineyard
As it is your wish
That I do;
I said ‘Yes!’ to you
On my baptism day;
I remain committed
To that pledge;
Tell me where to go
To do your will,
And I will;
I am ready at all times,
To do as you please;
Dear loving father,
I thank you!
You are so kind to me;
Always so good;
May you be ever so,

Today’s morning prayer 23

Good Lord,
Right now,
I am confused;
Unsure of what
I have to do;
And having no help
As I deserve from
My collaborators;
But I have you
On my side;
Come to my aid, today;
Equip me;
Grant me the wisdom
I need,
And the courage,
And the skill
To do things in the way
I should;
All for the greater glory
Of your holy name;

Today’s morning prayer 20

Lead me on
This day,
O Lord,
On the right path,
That I may do
But what’s right
And good
In your eyes.
Grant me wisdom
This day,
That I may be wise
And do
That which is wise,
Not for my glory,
But for your glory;
May I, this day
Do my best for you.
That is all
I want to do:
My best for you.
Nothing but
My best for you.