Happy Valentine!

To you my Valentine,
Your smile ever so
Your face shines
Like a star;
You are the reason
My heart ever glows;
On this day
To lovers dear,
When our heart
We unveil
To the one we love,
Here I am
With my bouquet of love,
To let you know
What place you have
In my heart.
You aren’t only
My better half
You are my full half;
Happy Valentine’s day!


Where is my vally

I haven’t heard from my love,
On such a day like this one,
Which we call Valentine’s Day,
So what happened to the love?
What happened to my Valentine?
That on a day when people are expressing their love,
My love is quiet on me;
So I have no love;
I have no Valentine.
However, since I have not.had,
Let me send;
Take this message, my Vally,
To show my love to you;
A place in my heart,
Reserved only for you.

Happy night

I wish everyone here
A happy night;
A night with no trouble;
A night of peaceful,
And sound sleep;
With good dreams;
May nothing disturb you
While you sleep!
May angels be your guards
Throughout the night;
Standing in every corner
Of every room;
With a heavenly melody
Drizzling down on you
With angelic beauty.
Happy night to you, dear
Loving friends!

Good morning all!

Good morning all!
As we start another day,
My heart is full of
Best wishes for you;
I wish that your day
Be as bright as bright
Can be;
Full of sunshine;
I know challenges
Cannot be absent,
But my wish,
Which also is my prayer,
Is that you find the wisdom,
Inner strength,
And stamina
To face and overcome
Every single challenge
On your way;
So that by the end
Of the day,
Smiles will fill your face.
This my wish;
This is my prayer
As we begin this lovely day
Of our Lord.
That you feel motivated;
Pumped up and energized.

My cyber family

To you, my cyber friend,
I send blessings;
To you,
My cyber brother,
Let God grant you
Riches this 2020.
To you
My cyber sister,
Let 2020 offer you
the love of your life;
Who will bring you
You never imagined.
To you
My cyber son,
May all the doors
You knock this 2020
Be opened to you!
To you
My cyber daughter,
May the sky be
Your springboard
This 2020.
To you
My cyber parents,
May you age gracefully,
Enjoying the love
And care
Of your progeny!
To you
My entire cyber family,
Love, sunshine
And happiness to all.

Shout Amen!

In the name of God
The most high
I declare you a winner;
You will succeed;
You will be happy;
You will shine;
Many good things
Will flow to you;
You will be rich;
You will be very rich;
You will have houses;
You will have cars;
You will be happily married;
You will enjoy your marriage;
You will have many children;
And your children will succeed;
You will get a good position;
You will be loved,
And much more;
What do you say?
Do you agree or disagree?
If you agree
That these lovely things
Will happen to you,
Or if you wish
That they happen to you,
Shout Amen!
Go to the comment box
And shout in print amen.

A toast for you

For you, I propose this
That the year ahead
May bring you blessings
You have never imagined;
That your light may shine
So brightly;
That every good thing
You wish for yourself
May come to you this 2020;
That our faces
May be full of smiles;
That we may see
Our children’s children;
That we may fly
From country to country,
Visiting our children
And our children’s children;
That we may proclaim
That our God is good
All the times.
Amen and amen!

To all of you my friends at Christmas

My dear friends,
I wish you all a Christmas
That sings and dances;
Call it a happy Christmas;
May the blessings
Of this Christmas season
Pour on you
Like showers of rain
From heaven,
And remain gummed on you!
May you have
A geometric multiplication
Of everything
That is dear to you!
May your loved ones
Make you proud;
May this Christmas indelibly
Stamp happiness on your face!
May your star shine
This Christmas
Like the sun on a bright day!
May you ever remember
This year’s Christmas day
With love and joy!
Your bossom friend,