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Join the top class women

Top class women;Did you hear that?Yes, there are top class women;Women like no ordinary women;Women, as the name implies,Top class women;Women who walk onThe red carpet wherever they go;Women of substance;Who call the shots;Who make things rattleAnd roll;Are you such a woman?A top class woman?You work for it;They look special;Cleanliness their top quality;Their dressing is…

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What is best to conquer?

If you take delightIn conquering,Let me tell youWhat’s best to conquer;And what not to conquer;And what’s best to come.Don’t conquer women,Some men spend their livesConquering women;That is not whatYou should conquer.Don’t conquer men;Can you guess?Millions of women are outToday trying toConquer men;Another bad choiceOf what to conquer.Don’t conquer money;Money may not be badBut can be…

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