The root of evil in the world

What is the root of the evil in the world? Some people say the source of most of the evil in the world is money; some say it is women; and some say it is power; when people fight for power.

It looks hard to say which of the three is the greatest source of the evil in the world.

What do you say?


Why politics is important

You might have noticed that political issues interest me on this blog. Have you?
And are you wondering why?

Let me explain.

I am interested in talking politics here because I believe it is important to you.

I am a success creator. By inspiring people, I want to create successful people. I want to create winners.I like to see people rise from the bottom to the top.I like to see people who look like they cannot win coming from behind and making it to the top.I like to see men, women, and children creating records, rising to undreamed of positions.

That is why the campaign of Hillary Clinton interests me. She may be at the top already but as a lady becoming President will be a new record.That will be an achievement that will tell the world in general and women in particular that nothing is important to whoever is determined no matter the color, gender and the obstacles on the way.

Following the game of politics, listening to the campaign can be a source of great inspiration. Can you imagine how many women, and girls in the world will be inspired and transformed by Hillary Clinton’s victory? Her victory will rock the world just as that of Barack Obama did.

I do not want to jump to a hasty conclusion; but I am still to see in this election a campaign that will create the excitement that Hillary Clinton’s campaign is expected to create.

Dishonesty in American politics?

IMG_0375I can’t quite understand; but I find a lot of dishonesty in American politics. I have a lot of faith in Americans indeed; but this dishonesty in politics is what I do not understand.

When it’s time for politics, I often hear people saying things which are not true, only to run down the candidate that is not their choice in order to enhance the chances of the one that is their choice. Where is the honesty that we admire America for?

This happened when Obama ran. It happened with many before him. It’s happening with Hillary.Of course, those on Hillary’s side are going to do the same thing to the candidates on the other side. With all the tearing down and ridiculing of people, in the end only an imperfect human being is elected into the coveted post.

Secondly, I keep waiting for America to walk the talk in terms of giving women a chance to make the most of their potential. They are most vocal about this but are they walking the talk?

I fear personality inconsistency as far as this great country which I so much admire is concerned.?

Those who are holding the light have the duty of keeping it shining don’t they? Many countries that talk less about women’s rights have had women in their highest office; yet the country that talks the most about the matter does not seem ready to give women their chance.

Can anyone explain this to me?DSCN1130

My dream about Hillary Clinton.

Presentation1Please, forgive me if what I am going to say hurts you. I just want to say what I believe and like.

Don’t say it does not concern me. It may not as it concerns millions of other people especially Americans; but as a child of the universe, what concerns anybody on the surface of the earth concerns me.

Can you guess what I am talking about?

I am talking about the American presidential election. What I want to say and pray you forgive me if it hurts you is this:

Hillary Clinton will be the next President of the United States after Barack Obama.

I like it. It’s long overdue for women. Please, Americans, give a woman a chance; and that woman should be Hillary Clinton. Don’t mind that she has faults. Who among us is perfect?

It’s time for women in America to shine. It’s time for American women to get to the front line and take the baton of command. America owes the world this example. Americans you are challenged. Walk the talk.

Do women blog more than men?

On a daily basis, I get more women on my site than men. As I browse through the net, I meet more women than men.

I do not wish to draw any hasty conclusion on this because I have not done a scientific study; but already I am tempted to think that more women are on the net than men. Perhaps this may actually be specific with inspirational blogging which is what I do.

What is your observation?

If you have come across a study on this, what are he findings?

Who are on the net more: men or women?

Were I an American…

I am not a US citizen. Were I one, I would strongly campaign for a competent woman to take the White House in 2016.

I think the US is late on getting a woman into the White House as President. I believe the world can hardly understand why this is so. Many other democracies have.

If Americans do not give themselves this time around a female as the Chief occupant of the White House, I believe that would disappoint many people. Americans would not be walking the talk too.

For one thing American women have been at the forefront of the liberation and empowerment of women. Isn’t it a contradiction?

I do not know what you think. Do you think a woman should become the President of the United States in 2016? What will that mean to that country and to the world?

Evaluating the celebration

Kindly answer any or all these questions:

  1. What caught your attention on the celebration of the 2015 International Day of the Woman?
  2. What did you like or did not like about the celebration?
  3. What impact did it have on you?
  4. Was is worth it?
  5. Is it necessary to celebrate this day every year?
  6. In what way have some people failed to understand what the International Day of the Woman is all about?

Are women their own problem?

The Beijing Conference took place in 1995. Many years are gone SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESby.

Look at this statement:

“The women of the world are definitely better today than they were before the Beijing Conference. However, much more would have been achieved had women not been their own obstacle.

The man is not the woman’s problem.The woman is the woman’s problem; the woman’s enemy.

It is a woman who stands on the way of  another woman.  It is a woman who makes it hard for another woman to shine. It is a woman who will make another woman feel bad about herself; feel inferior; have low self-esteem.

It is a woman who does not want to see another woman well dressed. It is a woman who will not want to see another woman n a beautiful car. It is a woman who will not respect another woman.

??????????If a woman becomes the boss it is a woman who will under look her. It is a woman who will receive a woman shabbily in her office not a man.

If women are still suppressed, undervalued, or shabbily treated they should lame themselves not men.”


Imagine a women’s world!

DSCN0479“We are all unique individuals. We all were put on earth for a purpose. It is up to the individual to fulfill his or her own unique purpose.”
(Dr. Diane Davis 31 Jan 2015)

Our present world is a men’s world. Men are in control.  They lead in most countries and institutions.

They call the shots.  Women follow.

This might not continue forever.

It might not be long before things change. Women are coming on strong; and might soon outnumber men in leadership.

What would this mean to the world?

Would they be better leaders than men? Would the world become a better place?DSCN0485

Truly, we have had a men’s world. Maybe it’s time to have a women’s world. What do you think? What do you say?

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