Happy Womens’ Day

I look at you and I am very proud of you! After so many battles and challenges you faced, some lost and others defeated but you have triumphed. I believe you are a great warrior, a Home keeper, a PEACE maker, You are standing there and with great faith. You are ADORABLE and no one will bring you down because God is the one who sustains you, my warrior woman…


A woman’s life is the most challenging character in itself, even if there do not exist any problems. Change is constant in her life, be it while growing up, getting married,producing kids,or getting to work in a male dominated world. No wonder,multi tasking comes natural to her,as her mind keeps on working and planning,to make a wonderful and perfect life, for herself and others surrounded by her.

On the other hand,many women are not so very blessed,and go through dreadful times.Just remember,God made you a woman,to do the many things men can’t do.Looking inward,itself you will find all the strength and power,rather than looking for sympathy from the outside world.
Being strong,and thinking positively are the two best options you have,rest is just giving up which is not you!


Being a woman  is a blessing from God. We women are strong, and we are not so easily broken by circumstances of life. We cry in our hearts yet we retain beautiful smiles on our faces, We are over comersThere’s no situation that we can not handlePeople hate us. . .Men leave us. . .But we still remain strong and beautiful. We are like roses that stay red forever, smell sweeter and will never dry.


Celebrating womanhood!
Happy International Women’s Day

7 Stages in a woman’s life :-

Young Woman,
Again young woman,
Always young woman,
Forever young woman…

Enjoy !!


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