good morning! #Feb6


Billions of wonders

Millions of wonders he does;
Millions of miracles he works;
I should say billions of miracles;
Wonders are galore;
Done everyday;
Every minute;
Every hour;
In all parts of the world;
But often we do not see;
We take them for granted;
We think it normal they should happen;
Is it normal?
It’s not normal;
It’s extraordinary;
It’s by his amazing grace;
The wonderful love he has for us;
For which we must be thankful;
Thank you O God,
For your amazing love;
For your wonders in our lives.

Wonders will never end

IMG_20151118_134201Wonders will never end;
Or will they?
The world is full of mystery;
The world is full of marvels;
You never know what will come next;
Good things happen;
And bad things happen as well;
A world of wonders;
A world of surprises galore;
Different voices;
Many melodies;
Sometimes harmonious;
Sometimes confusing;
So you understand;
We simply say;
Wonders will never end.IMG_20151108_150926