Source of power

Many people clamour for power, but are completely ignorant of how to get it. And sadly, instead of learning how to do it, they go about it the wrong way; and the price we pay is exorbitant.

Power is available to all of us. But to get it, we must know how to get it.

What is the source of power?

The source of power is the word of God. I mean the good source of power or the source of real power. There is real power and fake power or negative power. Here, we are talking of positive power.

The word of God has tremendous power. It gives tremendous power. If you want to be powerful, go to the word of God. It will give you power.

It can give riches in abundance. It can give you all the riches you can ever aspire to have. If you desire to rise in position, the word of God can enable you to rise to any height you desire. This is a fact. The word of God can make you successful in business. The word of God has the secret to a happy marriage. The Word of God is the Master Key to every blessing in the universe. Whatever you want, go to the Word of God and it will tell you how to get it; and when you do what you are told, you will get it.

The word of God can change your life. It is a life changing instrument. It can lift you from oblivion to prominence. It can take you from the bottom to the top. It can transform a poor person into a super rich person. It can take you from the gutter to an ivory tower. It can lift you from mud to the throne.

We humans have only one wall blocking us from the attainment of what we want from this world. It is our ignorance of the power of the word of God, and failure to use it as stipulated.

If the world is beset by problems, it is because we are not giving the Word of God the opportunity to give us an excellent world. We are not using the word of God to solve the problems of poverty, war, violence, exploitation of man by man, injustice, etc, whereas the Word of God is the instrument that God has put at our disposal to use to find solutions to these problems.

The word of God is found in the Bible, which is the greatest book that has ever, and will ever be written. More bibles have been printed, sold, circulated, read and studied than any other book in the world.

It is an amazing book. God is it’s real author. But since man is the hand of God on earth, he dictated it to the various writers through divine inspiration.

The Bible expresses the mind of God. It gives God’s plan for humanity and the universe.

All that is in the Bible is true. All the information given is accurate. It tells us about God, who God is, what God likes and does not like, what God wants us to do and should not do, and how we must relate to him, live with him, and relate with one another.

The truth about life is if we followed the instructions given to us in the Bible, the world would be an excellent place for everyone to enjoy.

The way to get anything we want from life is to do what the bible or word of God says we should do to get it. If you want anything in this world, go to the Bible and find out what God says you should do to get it. If you do it as instructed, God will give it to you. Obedience to God is the only way to get God to do what you want. It is a pre-requisite for God to answer your prayer.

It is rather unfortunate that we do not do what God has instructed us in his word to do. For example, he has asked us to love one another, but do we ? If we obeyed this command, the world would be perfect. Imagine that everybody loved the other, there would be no hatred, no quarreling, no fighting, no wars, no poor and no rich.

God has instructed us to love him with all our heart. Do we? He has asked us to put our whole trust in him. Do we? We don’t and the result is there to see – a torn world; a world of poverty, disease, suffering, wars and loss of human life and property.

Jesus Christ had a vision of an excellent world for all, and set up his church to pursue it.

The Church is on that vision. It is a long and difficult task. It will not be realized in our life time. But there is something we can do in our lifetime. We can each transform our life. We can become the person God created us to become.

For this to happen, we must play our role. In the job of shaping our destiny, we are fellow workers with God. God could do it alone, but he has decreed that it will be a joint endeavour. We are fellow workers with him in this. He has already accomplished his own part of the task which is making the tools we need available to us through his word. All that is required of us is to dig into that tool bag (the Bible) get the tools we need and use them to get what we want.

Are you ready. If you say yes and mean it, your life can never be the same again. You will attain the great heights that it is God’s plan for you.

If you look at the history of the world, you will find that the greatest men and women who have ever lived got their greatness through their effort to obey the word of God. They did not only struggle hard to obey the word of God but inspired, encouraged and helped others to do same. For their effort, God rewarded them abundantly.

Do your own best in that direction; and seeing your effort, God will surely, reward you.


Straight from God

Obedience is a good thing;
The bible teaches us so;
Obey to stay out of trouble;
But it’s not always
That we obey;
At times it is right
To disobey instead of obey;
When obedience leads to sin;
Disobey the law of man,
If it is against that of God;
First, look at God’s law,
Before you look at man’s own;
To obey God is to be wise;
And when you are wise
You count yourself blessed;
Remember, wisdom comes straight from God.
It is written for all to obey.

Being a blessing to the world

You are born to be
A blessing to the world;
God wants everyone of us
To be a blessing
To the world.
He has given us guidelines
To follow to achieve
This noble objective.
These are contained
In his handbook for the purpose:
To show people how to become
A blessing to the world.
This handbook is called
The Holy Bible.
It is our duty to feed on
Its content called
The Word of God;
We must nourish
Our hearts and minds with it;
And let it make us
What He wants us to be:
A blessing to the world.

Word of the day: Attitude (day 9 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

What is your attitude? Do you have a negative attitude or a positive attitude?

As we are told
Attitude is everything.
And indeed, it is.
Through out this day
Try to have a positive
Attitude in every
Smile don’t frown;
Laugh don’t cry;
See your glass half full
Not half empty;
Turn every stumbling block
Into a stepping-stone.
Whatever happens to you
Or comes your way,
See it positively.
Don’t see it negatively.
Our word of the day.

Word of the day 8 Win (by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Win today,
Win everyday;
Win in the morning;
Win when you get out of bed;
Win in the day;
Win in the evening;
Win at night;
Win all the time;
Win the battles you fight.

Are you resolved to win?
Be determined to win.
Make sure that you win.
Do not play to lose;
Play to win.
There’s joy when you win.
Win and win and win;
You are a winner;
You are a champion;
You are born to win;

Word of the day 7 Trust by Ngobesing Suh Romanus

In whom do you put
Your trust?
In what do you put
Your trust?
Where do you put
Your trust?
Trust is our word
Of the day this day;
Think about it;
Do whatever you like
With it;
Let it guide you
Throughout this day
And ever after.
Let it inspire you.
As it does me,
I put my trust in God;
In him I rely;
He has promised
To stand by me;
To help me in case of difficulties;
I believe him;
I put my trust in him.
My trust in God has
Never failed me.
I invite you to join me
To put your trust
In God if you haven’t yet;
And if you have,
Keep putting your trust
In Mighty Him.

Love: Word of the day 4 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus

Our word of the day today is love.

Every day we give you a word of the day to help you get out of your comfort zone.

Think about the word. Think of what you can do about the word.

In the case of today’s word which is love, you can resolve that you will love every body you come across today.

You can resolve to learn more about love, tell someone you love them, stop hating, write about love, share on love, read about love, spread love.

Bottom line: do something that shows love or about love.

I love you.