Spouses work together

If you are married,
Or when you marry,
Don’t spend time fighting
With your spouse.
It is not only a waste of time,
It is also a misuse of time;
A mismanagement of time;
Abuse of time;
And working against yourself
Not for yourself;
Working for failure
Instead of working for success;
Spouses should work together;
And support each other;
So as to enhance their chances
Of succeeding.
Start today to work
With your spouse
If you are married;
And if you are not married,
Decide now
That you will work
When you become married tomorrow.


Put your heart in your work

When you do your work well,
You guarantee fruitful results;
When you do what you should do,
Normally, you should be satisfied;
Satisfaction comes
From a job well done;
A life well lived,
A mission well accomplished;
It makes one happy;
Always put your heart
In your work;
And do it
To the best of your ability;
Without doubt,
You will reap the rewards.

Work hard to make a great day (Be inspired today 324 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

It is my bet that you know the importance of hard work.

If you work hard to make your day a great day, chances are good you will have a great day.

If you do nothing to make your day a great day Chance will determine how your day turns out.

Your day will more likely be a lousy day.

Your day will be everything but a great day unless you work hard to make it a great day.

Do not leave your day in the hands of chance. You may not like the fruits of the work of Chance’s hands.

Work when to work (Be inspired today 313 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

“You can’t eat your cake and have it.” What does this tell you about your endeavor to succeed?

Nothing comes without some effort made. If you want to succeed, you must be ready to pay the price. If you opt for pleasure, when you should be working for your success, do not hope to succeed. You cannot spend time enjoying your self instead of working and expect to succeed.

Work when it is time to work if you want to succeed.

There is time for work and time for pleasure. Don’t mix the two. Above all, don’t put enjoyment ahead of work and expect to succeed. It will be eating your cake and wanting to have it.

Sweat not for nothing (Be inspired today 303 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

I got my highest score;
I beat my own record;
It’s amazing;
When you do better today,
Than you did yestetday,
That is improvement;
And isn’t it what we want?
We want progress;
We want to grow;
That, everybody wants,
Without exception;
Failing to progress
Means a wasted life;
Either you did not work
Hard enough,
Or you worked hard enough
For nothing;
Who wants to work hard
For nothing?
Nobody that I know
With his right mind.
We want to work
To reap the fruits of
Our work;
We want to plant
And harvest;
So that our sweat
Does not go for nothing.
Our sweat shall not go
For nothing
Sweat not for nothing.

Work for it (Be inspired today 73 by Ngobesing Romanus)

Work for what you want;
Labour for your daily bread;
Everything you want
To have,
Work for it;
Everything you want
To achieve,
Work for it;
Don’t put your eyes
On things
You do not merit
Don’t long for something
For nothing!
The sweat of your brow.
Get what you need;
Even a gift
Should be merited,
To have something
You have not worked for,
Is to have what
You do not merit,
And short and simple
That is to steal.