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2 steps to a great name

If you want a great Name, Who says it is not Your right. Rack your brains; Stretch your arms; Go the extra mile; No great name Is made overnight; No great name On easy terms; If you aren’t ready To toil and sweat, Be contented With mediocre Or at best Average performance; The best things…

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Be steadfast

Be steadfast; And keep your fingers Crossed; Don’t relent in your effort; You will regret If you do. Success never comes With ease;😁😁 So you keep hammering; And don’t stop Until, to pieces, The stone has shattered. Hold firm; Your reward will come; And that might be Sooner than you Can guess.πŸ‘ Believe me, Because…

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A beautiful day

This day is a beautiful day; The Lord has made it so; All things so beautifully He has made; And all we need is Eyes that see, To enjoy; The beauty of the works Of his mighty hands Are for us to enjoy; Look! And you will see The beauty of This day; That the…

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Time well spent

If you spend time Working On your marriage, To Improve, Enrich or Save it, You are a wise one, And cannot fail To be rewarded For that, With A happy marriage. But If you spend time, Doing nothing For Your marriage, You cannot fail To be punished For Your negligence. Yours will be a Worrisome…

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Quote (Key)

” A lot of people say hard work is the key to success. I don’t disagree. We may even call that the rule. But there are exceptions. Many times you will work hard but will not succeed to get the desired results. My advice, with regard to that is don’t be discouraged. It happens. The…

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