Our world

The world is moving
In revrerse;
In the opposite direction;
It is not moving right;
It is moving to the left;
It is not moving forward;
It is moving backwards;
The sun is not shining
On the earth;
The rain is pouring
The earth is deprived of light;
Plunged into darkness;
One can understand.
Where have we kept God;
We worship money,
We worship property;
We worship power
All agents of the evil one;
More than God;
Why would the world not be
The way it is?
Why would it not be
Going down the drain?
Indeed, unless we take
An about turn,
Who can guess
Where we are headed.
Disaster looms over us
For our planet;
Let us act while it is
Not too late.


Prayer for the suffering people of the world

Almighty God and father,
All over the world,
Many of your children are suffering;
And are helpless;
They do not have the means
Or the knowhow to help themselves,
Dear God, do something for them;
The people of Australia;
The people of other disaster zones;
Those in war torn zones;
Who are either fighting
And killing themselves,
Or dying of other causes,
Many are on the run;
People are perishing
From hunger,
And lack of medical care;
Almighty God,
Everything is under your control;
You have the means
To solve all the problems
Of the world;
You can stop suffering;
You can stop wars,
And the killings going on;
You can make peace
And happiness prevail
In the world,
Please, God, do it for us.

Life After death

Don’t be the greatest fool ever;
The greatest fool
Who ever lived;
And anyone who lives
Ohnly for now
And cares less about eternity;
How foolish is such a one!
To say there is no eternity
Because you don’t understand
Is foolishness of the top rank;
Who knew there was
A world like ours
Before they came to live here?
You found yourself here;
And you will find yourself leaving at a time you least expected;
Or desired;
My friend,
Be wise and accept
What millions have believed
Down the centuries:
That there is life after death;
Maybe you died in one world
Before you were born
Into this world;
What stops you
From being born
Into another world
When you die and leave
This world?
There’s life after life.
Or should I say
I believe in life after death?

Let’s build an excellent world

We can remake the world;
We can transform the world
Into an excellent place
For all to enjoy;
Yes, we can,
If we give priority
To kindness;
There’s something amazing
About kindness;
People with kind hearts
Are the ones the world needs;
They are the ones
Making the world
What God conceived it to be;
God conceived the world to be
An excellent place
For all to enjoy;
We are the ones who allowed vaulting ambition,
Greed and pride
To destroy it;
Can we stop destroying
Our own world?
Can we stop hurting one another?
Can we stop destroying
One another?
And make this world
What God conceived it to be?
Yes, we can;
And that is what we should do.

What a complicated world!

What the world needs most,
The world gets least;
And that is love;
Without love, unity is hard;
With love, it is guaranteed.
What the world needs least
The world has most;
And that is hatred;
What irony!
The things we don’t want
Are the things we get;
The things we want
Are the things we don’t get;
What a complicated world!

Speak that I may hear

When will human beings
Ever live in peace?
When will justice
Ever reign in the world?
When will we ever stop
Fighting and killing
One another?
When will love ever be
The only force binding
One person to another
In the world?
When will the despair
Hanging overhead ever end?
When will insecurity be
A thing of the past
In the world?
If you have an answer
To any of these questions,
Please, speak out.
I am all ears.
I want to know.
Speak, that I may hear.