Should not be worried

I am worried;
But I shouldn’t be worried;
The bible tells me so;
But still I am worried;
It’s hard to understand,
That I know what’s right;
But don’t do it;
And instead do what’s wrong;
Is it because
The wrong thing
Is easy?
Hard to understand;
And I am not alone;
Many, like me, know
What they should do,
But don’t do it;
They do the opposite.
Are you aware of this?
It’s such a dilemma;
And that’s how life is;
Pure and simple,
So though I am worried,
I should not be worried.
I encourage you to do same.
Don’t be worried.

Uncertainty is center stage

Did you get my pain?
And where my worry
Is coming from?
I live in fear;
With nothing that’s certain;
Things are happening
Under my watchful eyes;
And so scary they are;
Who can lie to you?
I go to bed
With one eye alone closed;
You get the point?
The other is open;
Uncertainty is center stage;
What gives me hope
Is the Promise;
Do you know the Promise?
What God promised;
He said he’ll stand by
His faithful ones;
Never to abandon
But to protect
And defend them;
That is the source of my assurance;
He is so faithful
To his word.
I know I can trust him;
If not, its scary, really.
The danger is real.
I see how things happen.

Do you still love me?

Do you still love me?
A sleepless night I spent
Last night;
Worried about our love.
Do you still love me?
That’s what I want to know;
And I have reason to ask you;
You no longer cajole me
As you did before;
You no longer pierce my eyes
With those tender eyes of yours;
All day long my yearning heart
Beats thirstily for your love.
Yet I see no sign of love anywhere;
Do you still love me?