On sail you are
In waters
So troubled;
The storm is violent,
As if controlled
By the devil’s agents;
Scared you are,
As never before;
That, I read
In your eyes;
But rest assured
All will be well;
I shall send my angels
To steer you home;
And not a single hair
On your head
Shall be lost;
But this will happen
Only if you believe
In my word;
This is the promise
I make to you.


The best place for worries (Be inspired today 301 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Do you know the best place
For your worries?
Let me tell you;
When you go to work,
Leave worries behind;
When you go into the world
To fight your way through,
Stop carrying
A bag of worries
With you;
Leave worries behind;
They are too heavy to carry;
When you go to bed to sleep,
Leave worries behind;
They are not good bedfellows.
The best place for worries
Is behind.
Leave all worries behind.

Prayer of a worried heart

Many worries I have O Lord,
And bring them all to you;
All my fears and doubts
As well I bring;
This is the prayer
Of a worried heart;
You know what worries me;
Protect all my people;
And the family
You have entrusted
To my care;
Grant safety to all
Who are travelling.
The times are precarious;
Nothing can be predicted;
You died on the cross for me;
For me you shed your blood;
And your promise you gave me;
Keep your word to stand
By me and my people;
Humbly, I submit my plea
To you in faith and hope,

Your wise council I anxiously await

I need your wise council;
Do not say you are young
And have nothing to tell me;
You are young but wise;
You have a bright mind;
Listen to my plight;
And give me your wisdom;
Moments of fear to me,
Still do come ever so often;
Though I know mighty well
I do not have to fear;
Why is this so that I fear?
When I believe in a God
That is all powerful?
Worries invade my mind;
Yet, I know as best I can,
That I do not have to worry;
Why do I keep worrying?
Look also, how I doubt
What I should not doubt;
I doubt, when I know who I serve;
A living God;
A God so active and fatherly;
A God so loving and caring
And ever so faithful
To those who depend on him;
Him, I have on my side;
Yet, my faith often fails me;
Dancing forward and backwards.
Can’t my faith be solid like a rock?
These are my worries;
Not all my worries;
But some of my worries;
Worries that have taken my mind hostage;
And hard for me
To understand;
I express them that you may know my plight
And give me your wise counsel;
Say something to me, wise one;
I wait to hear from you;
Your wise words of wisdom,
I anxiously await.

All night, I did not sleep

All night, I did not sleep;
I was thinking of you;
And wondering what
You were up to at that time;
I kept asking myself
“Is she alone?
With somebody?
Is she cheating on me?
Is she faithful to me?”
These questions kept me awake;
I felt jealous too;
All this shows how much
I love you;
I love you so much
I can’t stand another person
Fidgeting with you;
I mean all night
I did not sleep;
I would turn myself in bed,
Close my eyes;
And pray for sleep,
But it wouldn’t come.
Can you see the depth of
My love for you?
You better mind what you do
In this relationship.
I do not want to keep spending
Sleepless nights
Worrying about our love;
Make things clear to me;
Are you for me or not for me?
And if you are for me,
Make sure you are for me;
That is the heart of the matter;
I am not going to accept
Half measures
When it comes to our love;
Either we are in fully
Or not at all.
Last night, I did not sleep;
This night, I want to sleep.

God is the solution

man kneeling in front of cross

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Tears fill my eyes;
Who will wipe them for me?
My heart is shaking with fear;
Who will calm my fears;
I am dying of confusion;
Who will clear my doubts?
No human being can;
God will do it;
Who will resolve my worries?
No human being can;
God will do it;
I kneel before almighty him.
On you O Lord,
I count to wipe my tears;
On you O Lord,
I depend to calm my fears;
On you O lord,
I rely to clear my doubts.
You are everything;
You are the solution
To all our problems here below
You are encouraged to rely on him.

Trouble is looming

If I tell you I am happy,
That would not be true;
I am not at all happy;
I have worries and fears;
Worries about the future;
I can’t say what is coming;
What looms in the air
Is frightful;
The sky is dark;
I see trouble blowing;
But I can’t say, for sure,
What kind of trouble it is;
Disaster hangs overhead
For everybody;
Death seems in the horizon;
I see shooting and killing;
I see war impending;
And what’s worse,
We cannot help ourselves.
We have become a helpless lot;
Who count on God alone;
Help us O Lord.
Without you we’re finished.

This very Saturday

O Saturday!
This very Saturday;
What carries you
In that swollen belly
Of yours?
Uncertainty fills the air,
Doubt, worries and fear
Hang every where;
And keep rocking our
Troubled hearts!
What may happen,
No one knows;
O Lord our God,
Only you can keep us safe;
To you,
On our knees we turn,
In tears and sorrow,
Asking for your help.
Help us O Lord;
Help us or we perish!
Help us this very Saturday!