Worthless dream?

What you may see as a worthless dream could be a great dream. You do not dismiss someone’s dream as a worthless dream simply because you do not see anything good in it. The reason you may not see anything good in it could just be that you see differently from the one who has conceived the dream.


Stop filling the world with worthless waves

We destroy our world even as we claim to be building it.

Look at all the negative news that fills the world! Aren’t we aware of the harm these negative messages cause.

They fill the air with negative waves; or negative vibrations which produce their equivalent.

We cannot plant bad seeds and expect to harvest good fruits. We harvest what we plant.

The negativity that we fill the world with produces negative results for the world. We must stop filling the world with worthless waves.

They only hurt us. That is what is destroying the world. That is the source of all our troubles.