No more unending tears

man crying on field

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If the continuous pang of pain
You have known for eternity,
And have cried to him in vain,
He challenges you to turn
Once more to him for your miracle.
The time has come
That He will turn your agony
To joy;
He that heals all wounds of
Body, heart, and soul;
Will give thee relief;
No more shall you cry in affliction;
No more shall you writhe in pain;
No more unending tears to shed;
No more shall sighs of frustration
And despair be your stock-in-trade;
Your suffering has, to its end come;
In place of sorrow, you will know
A season of happiness.
By the will of He That is mighty,
No more shall your heart irk with dstress.

Sweet wounds of love

Randy’s sweet heart betrayed him and broke his heart. He had trusted her with all his heart. They were neck-deep in love, he thought.

One day, he got up to find he had no wife. She was no longer there for him. Without a word, she had flown off with his best friend. Only two days later did she send word telling him not to wait for him as he was already on a honey moon with his best friend.

This was too much for Randy. He collapsed; and when he became conscious he was in a hospital bed. It took him quite a while to come back to himself.

Randy narrates this story beautifully in a thrilling novel, SWEET WOUNDS OF LOVE which has earned for Randy a place in the Hall of fame. The betrayal turned out to be sweet betrayal after all. The wounds of love, sweet wounds of love. From a bottomless pit into which he was falling he rose to the pinnacle of fame.

We can always turn our disappointments into wonderful blessings.

Heal the wounds of your marriage

The wounds of your marriage
Can be healed;
Even the deepest wounds
Of your marriage
Can be healed;
It’s not easy, though;
They are sometimes too deep
And hard to heal;
Some heal too slowly;
Some never at all;
Instead, the infection spreads
All over the body and makes it
All rotten; and a waste;
But if you have the tools to heal,
And use them rightly,
You will enjoy the gift of healing;
And your marriage will be saved.
It all depends on the tools;
The secret is to get the right tools
And use them Rightly;
You will be fine;
Your wounds will be healed.